Jack in the Box Dream Symbol


Jack in the Box – A jack in the box is a symbol of resiliency and buoyant high spirits. It is connected to playful, childlike innocence. If you dream of a jack in the box in connection with an endeavor or goal, this is a beneficial omen that you will have good luck in this endeavor, and will receive pleasure and enjoyment from doing it as well. If you dream of a jack in the box in connection with another person, this reflects a trustworthiness about this person as well as a fun-loving spirit.

On the other hand, if you have a phobia of clowns, then the jack in the box may be rather a terrifying element in your dream. This reflects your phobia, though, and understanding the significance of this symbol will depend on the causes and nuances of your phobia.

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  1. What if I dreamt that my brothers were leaving for college and I was really sad then the dream shifted and i was playing hide and seek with my friends and cousins and if we were caught we had to sit in the attic and 4 of us were caught so we were sitting there then we spotted a jack in the box and we started to turn it when it popped up there was nothing In there the clown inside was gone then it popped up suddenly from the bottom surface of the jack in the box and it said”hello.” Then I laughed creaply and kept saying return me return me don’t you want exchange me I threw it to the corner of the room and hugged my cousin shaking.Then I woke up with the same feeling and my heart was racing and I had chills
    Can you please tell me what this dream means

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