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Ivy – Dreaming about ivy is a symbol of natural abundance and beauty, and sometimes a return to old-fashioned living and values. If you dream of a picturesque, ivy-covered porch, you may be yearning for a simpler time.

You may also be needing the balancing power of nature in your life. On the other hand, nature can be destructive, and is ruthless in reclaiming what is her own.A dream about ivy taking over a building or an area, or pulling down a wall is a symbol of the power of nature to rebalance even if humans try to resist.

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  1. I had a dream that I was in the kitchen in the afternoon and my boyfriend who had been sleeping in bed upstairs, came running in wearing just his boxer shorts. He was all worked up and anxious and grabbed my shoulders and said “quick come and see this!” He led me to the lounge and a poltergeist had smashed all of the ornaments into the fireplace. Then he said “but thats not all come upstairs” we went to the bedroom and all the ivy from the lounge (in Waking life there is no ivy in the lounge but I do have a large ornamental tree in a pot next to fireplace which has leaves like ivy) anyway, the bedroom wall on one side was covered in ivy. Which again was what this ‘poltergeist’ had done. Neither of us had heard a thing, these things had just appeared.

    A bit later on that evening (randomly) my mum had come to babysit and the lights were flashing on and off and I was telling her not to worry it was just th poltergeist playing up. I shouted to it to stop because it was frightening my mum. I then took her upstairs to show her where the ivy had been (which I had now removed) and you could see marks on the wall where it was… Like fossil indentations.

    I have been going through some very bad relationship problems with my boyfriend in waking life and we are currently living apart and arguing and hurting each other.

    What does all this mean?

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