Itch Dream Symbol


Itch – Dreaming about an itch may be a symbol of something that has been irritating you or bothering you in your life, and which you cannot find a solution for. Just as a bug bite or a skin condition creates an itch that causes irritation and annoyance, interpersonal conflicts or minor stressors in your life can also cause irritations, sometimes erupting into major conflicts but most of the time just existing as a background problem, an itch.

Alternatively, dreaming of feeling an itch may indicate that your physical body itself is itchy while you sleep. This may be innocuous or it may be a signal of underlying problems. Overall itchiness may be a sign of liver or kidney problems.

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  1. I just woke up from a dream with something looks like skin infection at my back. Blood containing infection almost visible on my shirt. I don’t usually see dream but when I see one it is true. So I wonder what this mean?

  2. I just woke up from a dream. I was in a dream where I was bit by some bug that causes you to itch all over. But when I woke up I realized I got crumbs all in my bed from snacking on cookies in bed. And the crumbs are what made me itch…. so word of advice. Don’t eat snacks in bed.

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