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Island – An island is a dream symbol of solitude and self-reliance, oftentimes forced self-reliance. This dream may indicate that you feel cut off from society, even if you are in the midst of society, through alienation or simple loneliness. It may also indicate that you feel the need to become self-reliant, and that you see our web of interdependence as being vulnerable and tenuous.

This dream symbol is also a warning of the dangers of trying to rely on yourself too much and failing to let others in. The vegetation and animals you find on the island can also provide insight into this symbol, as a desert island has a very different significance than a lush, jungle island.

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  1. Holly smith on

    Hi am having this reoccurring dream where I’m on a plane then I se water above me and go to it then wake up on a small jungle island with a temple which I always land next to on the sand but in the center is all lush but foggy and mysterious and so is in the distance, when I was on the plane and saw the water it was clear and warm and nice and I felt comfortable (even though I have planes, I always fear there gonna fall outta the sky), but when I wake up on the beach of that island (it’s a tiny tiny island btw) I feel instantly cold and it feels familiar for the wrong reasons, And the water is now green and murky and cold, there’s also this vine wall that I end up going to and I always see a black jaguar, but it’s been tested on like it’s chest had been sewn together. Sorry for the huge para but I’m really scared I always wake up from it sweating like a nightmare had just happened but it doesn’t feel like a night mare, oh and another thing I remember there’s tunnels in the fog but there pitch black and the water is too murky for me to go to them. Please please help if u can, thank u

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