Ironing Dream Symbol


Ironing – If you dream of ironing your clothes, using steam to remove wrinkles from your clothes, this indicates smoothing out the details of your life. You may be working on a project, and this dream is telling you that your overall idea is solid, but there are still some details that you need to work out.

This dream symbol can also indicate finding pleasure and seeing beauty in ordinary, mundane tasks, and taking pride in a job well done, no matter how unnecessary or trivial that job seems to be. Ironing clothes can make even worn-out clothes look crisp and new again, and as such is a symbol of frugality and living well within your means.

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  1. Godstime Ebhodaghe on


    I was ironing cloth on a table and in further scene it was on the mattress(place on the floor without bed or carbinet). The iron started falling from my hand to the rugged floor. First time i checked but the iron was not stained because it fell sideways. It kept falling and i kept checking until it fell faceed-down and burnt the rug. When i checked it, it was stained all over with rug fibers that melted to it and i could no longer used the iron.

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