Iraq Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Iraq Dream Symbol – To dream of Iraq and the Iraqi people can symbolize the value you place on respect. Respect is probably something that is important to you. Showing respect and being respected are part of your core values.

This type of dream can also signify what lengths people will go to, to put obstacles in your way or to embarrass you. You may need to take a closer look at the people who matter to you to be sure they are not betraying you.

Dreaming of Iraq can also mean you may need to be forced to listen. You may always think you have the answer and may not listen to what others have to say. You may be a bit of a rebel and dislike following the rules unless you absolutely have to.

But, you are also someone who once they have to fight a battle will never let go until they get a satisfactory outcome. Your tenacity can be a frightening thing to others. But, it usually gets the job done. You may even do stupid things to protect your dignity.

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  1. So i had a dream about being told I’m going to iraq, and another dream consecutively of me worrying about a broken tooth i had received from the next dream, can you tell me what this means?

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