Invitation Dream Symbol


Invitation – An invitation is a dream symbol that has several different possible interpretations. First, it can include a blessing or an opportunity that is coming, but you will need to be alert and prepared to be able to take advantage of it. In life, opportunities rarely force themselves on you, but if you live your life in awareness and acceptance of invitations – if you “show up” to life instead of hiding behind your own excuses and self-pity – you will see them and be able to take them.

Second, an invitation can represent inclusion in relationships. There may be a person who wishes to be friends with you, and whom you have been neglecting either on purpose or on accident.

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  1. in my dream, ….. This very pretty lady walks up to me and said.
    my birthday is on the 29th of April. and I am inviting you and please come along with your friends when coming.

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