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Invitation – An invitation is a dream symbol that has several different possible interpretations. First, it can include a blessing or an opportunity that is coming, but you will need to be alert and prepared to be able to take advantage of it. In life, opportunities rarely force themselves on you, but if you live your life in awareness and acceptance of invitations – if you “show up” to life instead of hiding behind your own excuses and self-pity – you will see them and be able to take them.

Second, an invitation can represent inclusion in relationships. There may be a person who wishes to be friends with you, and whom you have been neglecting either on purpose or on accident.

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  1. My dream was really short so I’m gonna keep it that way. I was looking through the mail and I knew subconsciously that they were all from this person that I know in real life. I actually decided to read one, and it was different from the other invitations (which asked me to attend a party), this one said he wanted to meet me alone when there was no one around. Then my dream ended. I thought this was so weird because I just knew that the other invites were asking me to go to his birthday party with lots of people there, then this one note just stood out from the rest and I think I understand the meaning but I am not entirely sure. If anyone can help, I’m all ears.

  2. I dreamt my ex was getting married…… sharing invitation cards. He saw me smiled and was like what am I seeing cuz I was partially naked. The girl he is getting married to wasn’t sharing with him but when she saw me,she personally gave me one. The pack looks like a big ring pack. I smiled and congratulated her after I opened it and saw it was an invitation. I wanted to hug her just to show her that there is no need for that. I don’t need her man. She withdraw back while obviously snubbing and eyeing me. I returned the invitation card to my ex. He said are u not going to come. I said no I won’t,his girl is rude. He kept quiet and didn’t say a word again. I dreamt I went to a guy’s house to get something that belonged to me there. He said I should come back later,this guy is wooing me. I saw a girl inside serving either breakfast,lunch or dinner on the table. She smiled at me. The guys were now telling them u have found yourself a wife. I left. I started going home. In the dream I have this bf,we have issues. I went to apologise to him at night and he wasn’t even around. I tied my wrapper and stayed there that he must meet me there. The place looks like where many other boys stay. Everyone with their own property.

  3. Hello,I dream where a man, more like an uncle and brother cos we are from the same town I don’t know what his celebrating but he print different types of card but I was given the VIP card not one I collected like five and I share it to my friends and we went to the occasion he brought us into the VIP reception and my friends seat on a round table but I sit with the man and his wife on a different round table discussing thats where I workup

  4. I had a dream that the girl that I had crush a long time ago was inviting me over home for her birthday party. She called me twice. And I turned her down both times. I got the feeling that she wants a romantic relationship with me.

  5. Hello. Mine was a dream about being invited to a party from the girl that I like, but still not able to tell her about it. At times I would feel afraid to tell her. However I sat alone after being served food at that party. I really don’t know what this dream could mean.

  6. over the last couple of years I have had a few dreams where women with familiar attributes have told me that i could stay with them. I could live with them. I dream a lot. and often in my dreams i feel a deep connection and understanding between those that i encounter and myself. I love to dream. even the ones i’m happy to awaken from. But when these people tell me that i can live with them, it is like “How did/do you know i need somewhere to stay? ”
    i am in no way homeless. but the feeling i get after being invited to recieve such help feels great. I think they know that while in the dream i have no place, no home there in that place and time that is shared between us.

    please reply. i would love to hear comparisons of similar dreams. i am not asking for interpretation but similar dream testimony. like the ones posted before my own.

  7. Anna Faresa on

    In my dream,I dreamt that one of my guy friend invited me to their house to study but i keep rejecting him saying No since i have a tuition at home

  8. in my dream, ….. This very pretty lady walks up to me and said.
    my birthday is on the 29th of April. and I am inviting you and please come along with your friends when coming.

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