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Invisible – Dreaming that you are invisible is a sign that indicates your feelings about your relationship with others. The meaning of this dream symbol is revealed when you examine the other people who are present when you are invisible.

Invisibility indicates that the other people in your dream do not notice you or pay attention to you, and that you feel they do not care about you or even know that you are there. It also indicates that you want their attention, and that it frustrates you when you cannot get it. Your dream of invisibility is a powerful indication of the state of your relationships.

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  1. percy mercy on

    someone dreamt that her friend introduced his girlfriend to people no one could see the girlfriend. she was visible to the boyfriend but invisible to other people.

  2. My dream wasn’t that I was invisible by default but I sprayed myself and friends to become invisible so we could escape this place we were in unnoticed. Do you know what that means?

  3. I had a dream, that I was in a concentration camp. I was invisible. I wanted to help people. I saw the bottom of children’s feet in a pile of corpses.
    Because I was invisible nobody saw me or heard me and therefore I could not help, but being invisible also protected me. I felt as if I was simply only able to observe without making any impact.
    The colours in the dream were just grey.
    It would be interesting to get an interpretation.

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