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Invasion – To dream of an invasion is a symbol of threatening danger on a very large scale. This may be representative of your interior fears, or it may represent an external threat, either one you foresee or one that the universe is telling you is coming. If you dream of an invasion, this indicates that at a deep level, you feel that your entire world and reality are fragile, or that they actually are fragile and your unconscious mind is trying to tell your conscious mind so.

The enemy that invades is also significant, as it may indicate the threat that you feel is endangering your way of life and stability, or it may indicate an actual threat, one that you otherwise feel is quite safe in your waking life.

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  1. Dreamt about someone I know entering my house without permission to use my computer …I couldn’t speak I just morned….when he came to touch me I kicked off and woke up

  2. I had two dreams this past two days and they were related to invasion of groups from two strange worlds (one wild and one is alien kind). I wondered what they meant, till i was brought here researching, now things seemed clear now. Our world is now facing a pandemic brought by Covid-19. That explains i guess.

    Both dreams ended bad, sadly, oh well except that I survived probably because it is still my dream hence i can control that one, but with the others (unknown/strangers), they probably either died or held captive.

  3. I just had a very realistic dream, probably the most realistic dream I have ever had. I dreamt that the USSR invaded Australia but in my dream I saw the Liberty Bell fall so maybe it was America.
    It’s odd because I don’t know anything about the USSR nor have I knowingly seen anything about it, had to Google it when I woke up.
    In my dream it started with planes and helicopters falling out of the sky and large cranes being swung into buildings.
    I took refuge at a childcare centre with some friends. Then eventually an army was marching in the street and I saw them destroy the liberty bell, also something I know very little about.
    They were wearing brown uniforms with a red complex logo on the arm with USSR written on it.
    Very odd dream.

  4. I dream of invasions all the time. They always from different sources, different realms, hardly ever earth.
    Makes me wonder if the enemy is within.

    • I had one last night, after i dreamt that i got arrested and went to jail….my subconscious is in turmoil apparently

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