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Invalid – Our personal, physical strength and mobility are important in our psyche as symbols of our ability to make things happen in our lives, and our level of self-actualization. If you dream of being an invalid, this means that in your mind you are unable to move yourself or other things; that is, you are ineffective and unable to change the world for the better or create for yourself the life you want.

Examine the causes of why you are an invalid in your dream to better understand what changes you can make in your waking life to cause yourself to be more self-actualized. Remember that each part of your body is symbolic as well, so the area in which your dream ill-health originates will correspond to a waking reality symbolically.

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  1. Nathan Z. Solomon on

    This is exactly what I dreamt recently. I was left in a church by my parents with some older people who took care of me…people I didn’t know. They rolled me in bed. They changed my adult diaper. They cleaned up my drool and fed me. Every once in a while, I would do something surprising to them. But I was mainly an invalid.

    In reality I was physically abused as a baby (father beat my feet when I “cried for no reason”). Later controlled and/or manipulated by parents and brother and later sister-in-law and sexually harassed by boss in 2011. For most of my life, I have felt powerless to live my life…to be the person I was meant to be. In 2012, I attempted suicide because I felt so powerless. I’m 56 now, on Disability after 30 years of work. One Psychiatrist said, “I’m surprised you’ve come this far.” I’m done trying now. I can only live each day as it comes.

    We all affect our future. We all determine the course of this World by the legacy we leave behind. My Dad, Mom, Brother, sister-in-law, boss needed to control me. They did. As a result, I lost control and became in my dream…an invalid. How horrible a legacy these fools left me. If you asked anyone but those above, who knew me, they would say, Nathan is a nice guy. Nathan helped me when I needed it. Nathan is a good man. Nathan was my friend. But now all that I am is broken….an invalid.

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