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Intruder – To dream about an intruder is a sign of danger and threat to your inner peace and calm. The things you see as being most essential to yourself (your home, in your dream, but maybe your family, your relationships, or your job in waking life) are in danger, and some external force is threatening to invade and harm you or your loved ones. This is a typical stress dream, but may also carry deeper significance.

A dream about an intruder may in fact be a warning of upcoming danger. Take care in your relationships and do not take unnecessary risks, as you do not want to metaphorically be away from home if an intruder does come.

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  1. I dreamt of someone breaking into our house but funny enough the house that appears in my dream belongs to my parents, the person break in while me and my husband where making out he break in and beaten my husband. I woke up and fight him back screamed and my late aunt appeared in the same dream and assisted we beaten up the intruder and he left.

    What I want to know what does this dream mean?

  2. I had two dreams. The first dream was about my husband coming home late at night or I thought it was my husband. He started doing dishes in the kitchen and I went out to see if it was him and called from the second floor but could not see him. It was dark. I got scared. I went back into the bedroom and locked the door. I’ve been peek under the door towards the stairs and so I figure walking up the stairs with no face. I then woke up.

    My second dream was that I was sleeping and for some reason it transitioned from me sleeping to standing behind a desk in my bedroom. The double doors to my bedroom flew open and a guy that I had never seen before with wild eyes and missing teeth came in to the room and I somehow persuaded him to leave and come back the next day. I went to my mothers house to spend the night and then the next morning came back with her and all the walls were covered in carpet because the guy had come back and started placing carpet on my walls. Not sure what that one was about but it was crazy.

  3. I dreamt of an intruder inside my house. No one was home at the time and I was willingly with the person who sexually abused me as a child who was offering protection as I walked home alone with just one of my dogs ( of course my people friendly dog). When I arrived home the dog walked in and was not acting normal so I walked back out the house, it didn’t feel right. Once I was back outside I could see the intruder walk down the steps from the second floor and my dog went to the intruder and then I woke up. What in the world is my subconscious saying???

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