Intravenous Drip Dream Symbol


Intravenous Drip – Dreaming about an intravenous drip, or IV, is a symbol of being in desperate need of help, which you feel can only come from outside yourself. This need for help may be because you have let yourself become overexerted or exhausted in some way, and are in desperate need of nutrition and rest, either physical, mental, or emotional.

You also have a desire to have someone else help you out of your predicament and come to your aid as a rescuer of sorts. It is important to note that in your real life, unlike in medicine, the most powerful change must come from you.

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  1. Hello,
    Last night I dreamt that I went to hospital of some kind mixed with a busy place and an old friend there with her celebrity friend. I said something about her being a rubbish friend to me back in the day but it wasn’t that much of a big deal, and she embarrassed me in from of the celeb, who is actually her best friend in reality. Anyway, what was weird was that my current boyfriends ex partner came into the dream and she was a nurse of some kind that I can remember, and told me it was kind of in my favour to stay at hospital and be put on a drip but if you are busy tonight then don’t tell anyone I didn’t tell you so. Type of thing. I told her if my boyfriend comes to visit once i’ve told him i’m on a drip in hospital he will want to come I am sure, is this okay with you? I like you (to the ex partner) and so it wouldn’t be weird for me, would it be weird for you? She wasn’t sure but because she was the nurse and he was my boyfriend she had to agree even though she wasn’t sure. I remember her checking my water in my body somehow and it was very low. I don’t think my partner could make it in the end, I can’t remember. I also remember an old primary school friend disguising herself in clothes and had a bump to show she was pregnant, then kissed her older sister who may as well have been in the hospital, I don’t know that was just random. But I felt when I woke that I liked his ex partner after my dream, it was strange.


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