Interview Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Interview – If you dream about an interview, this is an indication of using communication to change your circumstances in life. In a dream interview as in a real-life interview, you use your communication skills to identify and define who you are, both to yourself and to another person. We all do this to a certain extent, defining who we are by telling ourselves and others who we believe we are.

This is one reason why affirmations are such a powerful self-help tool, and why negative self-talk almost universally leads to negative realities. If you dream about being in an interview, pay close attention to the things you find yourself saying about yourself. These are beliefs you have about yourself that are shaping your reality and your personality.

Additional Interview Meanings

Dreaming of interviewing someone is a sign of your integrity and the level of trust others have in you. You may be an open, kind hearted person that others may often try to use for their own agenda. Watching an interview can mean you are prepared for a test that will cross your path sometime soon. This could be a major life change you need to discuss with your loved ones before making a decision.

Being interviewed in a dream can refer to your fear of exposing yourself to the unknown. This is something you may need to work at to overcome. Interviewing someone you admire brings news you will achieve success in what you desire.

A female dreaming of an interview warns not to tell your secrets to those you do not know or understand. An interview can be telling you to look deeper inside yourself for you hold all the answers within. Watching a celebrity interviewed on television brings news there will be important discussion sometime soon. Being interviewed is a sign that someone new in your life will turn out to be a disappointment. You may need to look deeper for they may have ulterior motives for being your friend. It can also mean your open personality can cause you tough times. Do you often attract the wrong sort of people?

Dreaming of a job interview is a reminder of your potential. Your patience and limits may be being tested in your waking life. A successful interview means things in you waking life will go well for a while. Failing to get the job means some challenges will cross your path.

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  1. i dreamed that i give a interview, after some time interviewed come out and and said you are hired.
    Note- i am looking for a job right now

  2. Good day my name is anna i had a dream being interviewed at the Department of Defense Force when i wake up i go to the internet and found out that they advertised the post and i apply for 3 vacancies and posted my CV.The following day i had the same dream being interviewed at the same Department . when they finish interviewed me as im about to leave they called me and said that they are no longer going to give me the job they interviewed me . i mustt sign a contract of another job which i didn’t apply which is bigger than the one i apply. Pls inform is this dream real or not pls hulp

    • Hi! So what happened in the day or few days after the dream? Any events that can be connected to the dream?
      You know they’re never literal, dreams are a representation of some waking life situation, that’s VERY different from the dream…. Your subconscious hides all the real elements behind something else, it’s all symbols!

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