Intersection Dream Symbol


Intersection – An intersection is an important dream symbol about your journey to accomplish your goals and create the life you want. At an intersection, you can go in any direction, and you must make a decision about where you are going to go based entirely on the information you have at your disposal at the moment when you are at the intersection.

Thus, a dream about an intersection is often a sign that a decision is in front of you, which will have long-lasting effects on your future life depending on what choice you make. On the other hand, if you dream of danger at the intersection, such as a car coming from a side road and hitting you, this indicates unexpected dangers or even a fear of persecution.

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  1. Twice last night I dreamt of going across a busy intersection. I started to walk without any fear when a man came running out from behind a parked car and pushed me to safety in order to avoid the car that was racing around the corner.
    It was the same man both times. I do not recognize him.
    The second dream was a more forceful push than the first one was.
    Any ideas?

  2. I had a dream that my car shut off at an intersection. There was all of the sudden no key and o couldn’t figure out how to start my car again, there was trucks behind me honking but nothing I did would turn the car on so I could move. Any ideas?

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