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Interrupt – To interrupt someone is an indication that you think what you have to say is more important than what the other person has to say. In a dream, if you interrupt another person, this indicates a feeling of frustration with their communication – perhaps they talk incessantly and never let you get a word in edgewise, or perhaps they do not listen no matter what you say.

This dream symbol may also be indicating to you that you have a tendency not to listen to them, and may be pointing out a fault that you need to work on correcting. If you dream that someone else interrupts you in a dream, the same interpretation exists, but in the opposite way – perhaps you do not allow them to speak or get their own point across.

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  1. No where can I find this. I was having a nice normal dream, than from somwhere much deeper popped up a scary blipvert a dream that scared me awake! This dream that interupted my dream was so sudden and so nothing to do with the dream I was having it was beyond bizarre. It’s like watching a TV show and having somone in a monkey mask tap you on the shoulder from behind.
    In all my 42 years iv not experenced anything like it!

    • I dreamt that I was looking for my bag on my campus and while looking I walked in to an orchestra at practice 3 times … interrupting them big time the where all looking afraid and ashamed very time I walked in. They where also all dressed as policemen in training for some reason … later a girl who used to bully me follows me around and gets in my was while I’m looking for my bag … old friends fill the space of my campus people I haven’t seen in a long time …

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