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Interrogation – An interrogation is a stressful and negative dream symbol which often is accompanied by a feeling of being deeply attacked. If information is demanded of you in your dream, it is important to note who is demanding the information, as well as the other people present in the scene and the emotions that are evoked by this dream event. For instance, if you have answers demanded of you by someone you actually know, this indicates a feeling of judgment that you have from this person.

Whether or not this person actually judges you, you feel that they do, and therefore feel that you are constantly under scrutiny when you are with them. On the other hand, if you dream that you are interrogated by a faceless or anonymous judge, this is an indication of a judgment you are passing on yourself.

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    I’ve spent only a little bit of time looking around because I don’t hold strongly to online explainations of my own dreams (especially when it’s a unique unpopular dream). I so happens to be that I had a particularly odd and unique dream with a key point being difficult to find…

    What if the dreamer is the interrogator? and what if it’s multiple people? If you have a response, it may put you ahead of other sources; not that I favour you more than the others. I suppose you’re the “lucky” one if this comment help in any way.

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