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Internet Dream Symbol – The internet is an important resource for almost unlimited information and knowledge, as well as an effective means to connect people who may be physically very far from each other. Dreaming about the internet indicates a desire or need for information, which you feel should be very easy to acquire from this vast source of knowledge.

It may also indicate loneliness with your in-person relationships and a desire to connect or reconnect with new people online. The dream symbol of the Internet also represents a certain amount of separation from reality, as digital information and interactions are inherently different from information and interactions gained in person.

Additional Internet Dream Meanings

When the Internet invades your dreams, this can refer to the things you are passionate about or you want to experience in the future. It represents the growing freedom for people to connect with each other from all around the world. A person unfamiliar with the internet may dream of being lost in the world of the world wide web. This can symbolize your true feelings in your current life.

Dreaming of connecting to the internet and being online is a sign that your plans for the future come to fruition at a super-fast speed. It may be these even surpass your dreams and you are richly rewarded. Just be warned, you need to stay focused on the details for this is the only thing that could stop this positive outcome.

Scrolling through pages on the internet is a message this is a happy time in your life. But, you may be looking for new things to fill up your life. Maybe you want to meet new people to expand your circle of friends. Or you need a new adventure? This is a sign there may be major changes coming very soon to your real life.

Finding information on the internet is a positive sign. It can mean you achieve success in something if you use this information in your waking life. Talking with someone on the internet can bring trouble with relationships. Do you have trouble coping lately? Has all the negative stuff built up until you feel the need to explode? This can warn that you need to change the way you act and your attitude to repair damaged relationships. Seeing the speed of the internet means that the faster the internet speed, the faster things will unfold in your waking life.

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