Insult Dream Symbol


Insult – Dreaming of being given an insult is a signal of the thoughts you actually have about yourself, whether these thoughts are subconscious or whether they enter into your conscious mind at times. Another person may give you the insult in your dream, and it may be very similar to things that person has said about you before.

Remember, though, that your dreams do not tell you what other people actually think about you; they tell you what you think the other person thinks about you. And if you dream that they tell you something about yourself, it is highly likely that you believe it on a certain level.

Pay attention to whose voice tells you these things about yourself, though, because this is a person who makes you feel bad about yourself. It is important to determine whether they are identifying things that you really need to change about yourself, or if they are simply harming you and your own sense of self-worth.

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  1. Dhanshree Bansode on

    I had a dream today that one lady is insulting me very badly and i suddenly gave her back answers and start crying……..i feel that i am crying….and wakeup suddenly….what this mean ??

    • Dawn Coleman on

      My comments to your dream .
      Be careful also for you to demand respect from a certain order to please your self and for you to take back your control over your own situation this is my comments to you

  2. my mum said a bunch of insults to me except she said most of them out loud and the others i consciously think about myself how fun

  3. Yeah, I think that’s true. A friend I haven’t seen in so long insulted me in my dream and I felt hurt, but I also kind of understood why they would think that, which means that’s how I subconsciously see myself.

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