Insects Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Insect Dream Symbol – Dreaming of insects can be symbolic of negative feelings that continually come back to haunt you. What are you avoiding? You need to stop and analyze why this is. You need to face them. Until you do this they will continue to crop up to test you throughout your entire life. It could be that past bad experiences keep coming back to ruin new friendships and relationships.

insect-dreamsInsects in a dream can draw your attention to what bugs you. You may be ignoring your intuition and getting into all sorts of trouble. This can be a reminder that you have the answers. Your gut instincts are pushing you in the right direction. You may need to have faith in knowing how to act with faith and integrity.

To get a better understanding of your dream look at the different insects involved in the dream. They all have different meanings and messages to bring. Some insects bring positive messages of the intricacies in your life. It can be about being better in tune with the world around you. Other can bring messages or warning of your shadow side. The side you may need to understand more about.

Dreaming of insects is an alert to the way things currently are. It is a wakeup call to take a closer look at your life. Is everything as it should be? Could you do more? Do you procrastinate? Is this path the right one for you? It can be a warning that if you do not change things you may never achieve your dreams.

Insects are dream symbols of the elements of our lives that we find so foreign to ourselves that we perceive them as a threat, though they are often nothing but annoyances. The exact meaning of your dream symbol of insects will depend on the other aspects of the dream surrounding it, such as the other symbols and emotions surrounding the insects.

For instance, dreaming about insects with connection to a particular job or goal of yours indicates annoying distractions and minor inconveniences that are getting in the way of you accomplishing your goals.

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