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Insanity – Dreaming about insanity is a sign that you are not in control of your thoughts or emotions. In waking life, you may feel that your thoughts and reactions are completely logical, but your dream about being insane is telling you that this is not the case. If you dream of doing things that frighten you or that you think you would never do in your waking life because of your insanity, this indicates a fear of being out of control of yourself.

Some emotion is being harbored deep inside you, and it is very strong and possibly very dark. It is best to bring it to light and come to terms with it now, rather than letting it continue to build until you are truly out of control of your own actions in your waking life.

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  1. There was a school full of hologram girls and creepy erotic lessons displayed on the chalkboard area. The hologram girls were not realistic, more like anime girls and behaved as such. I went to the school because one of the homeless bathroom visitors said they used my house because the nearest bathroom was too far, located at the end of the hallway of the academy.
    I found the academy bathroom eventually, first accidentally going into the mens for a moment which looked pretty normal, nice even. Then I entered the womens. There were no actual toilets, it was a long hallway with a trough on one side and sitting mechanisms above the trough. It was clearly meant only for urine. There was urine pooling near the drains of the trough, but also staining the entire hallway floor. Dried.
    I was disgusted and confused so I left the school. I run into a group of schoolgirls. From afar I think these are more holograms because they clearly had cartoon faces. Upon reaching where they were animatedly giggling, I see they are all wearing plastic “masks”. They are not regular masks. They are full head coverings that encase the person’s entire head, hair and all, replacing the entire thing with what would be a non 2D version of the hologram girls.
    In shock, I tell the girls to take those off. They start insisting that they arent masks, these are their faces (lips not moving because of the mask covering them and voice muffled because there nothing but a tiny pinprick hole in the middle of the plastic lips)
    I look into the “eyes” of one of the girls (eyes are even covered) and tell her she needs to come to terms with the fact that the school is a result of some man’s fetish that somehow became hugely popular and acceptable. She is not a fake, she is actually alive, unlike the programmed caricatures of femininity.
    I start leaving, but the girl struggles, removes the mask, and runs to follow me. She says I’m her new best friend after I tell her she’s beautiful. As she declares her new friendship, she is still adhering to overdramatic behavioral tropes one would see in an anime, hugging me around the waist and exclaiming repeatedly. I tell her I’ll be her best friend, sure, we can go around helping others.

  2. Other details before I forget:
    There were children whom I had doubts about “being children” (believed they were actually adults). So I treated them harshly in situations like the bathroom dilemma. I found one that was “actually” a child, “actually” homeless, but I had been angrily attempting to remove him from my property until this realization occurred. After I found out I felt awful and hugged him, crying.
    There was a multilevel department store with each floor containing wildly different items, while being one store. I remember one floor was dedicated to vinage and antique items, but was very well arranged, not like the clutter you would usually see.
    My ex best friend lived in the house with me. She was extremely nonchalant about random people showing up in our house. This is a typical attitude for her in real life. We had the back room but would always sleep in the living room on the couches. As I declined mentally she was very nonchalant about that as well, treating me as if I had not confided. (In real life when I confided to her in real life 5 years ago after suffering silently for at least 6 months in an extreme sense, she was the one to urge me to seek help). The last time I saw her in the dream, she was engaged in sexual acts with two overweight old men on our couch. I told her to go to the bedroom at least. She obliged. Somehow after that I started really taking notice of our unexpected visitors.

  3. I had a dream in which I WAS insane. Not about being insane, if that makes sense. Other than my mind acting completely nuts for most of the dream I was trying my best to cope with the madness affecting me and function throughout the weird stuff happening in the dream otherwise. Example: I had left my back door open and there was a bathroom in that room. Somehow I discovered that the entire city’s homeless population had been coming into the back room to use my bathroom because it was easier than finding a public one. Even stranger is that they were not “homeless looking”, they looked pretty regular and I was acquaintances with some while not knowing they were homeless. They had jobs, ect typically. To touch on one last thing: I was incorrectly diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder 5 years ago. Recently they changed my diagnosis to dissasociative identity disorder (multiple personalities/fractured mind due to abuse before the age of 5 years) and I no longer take any psychiatric medications

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