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Injection – An injection in your dream is an invasive symbol of something forcibly being put into you, whether it is into your body or into your psychological space. This can be beneficial or harmful, depending on the emotional surroundings of the symbol and the rest of the context of the dream. For instance, if you dream of being injected with a life-saving medicine, this is a sign of being rescued and healed from a particularly difficult situation.

On the other hand, if the injection is something harmful or threatening, this is a sign of an extremely dangerous circumstance, possibly involving a person who is threatening your well-being profoundly. An injection is a symbol that always involves a certain level of violation, which means that an increased level of trust and benefit is required for this symbol to be positive.

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  1. I had a vivid dream that somewhere in mexico the town was literally right outside the airport. So for some reason my wife and i were transferring flights and we went outside. She was talking to someone and then disappeared. So we missed our connecting flight and some short mexican woman (which i remember vividly and will never forget) told me she could find my wife for 250$ i refused and started looking for my wife. Then found out that she had gotten hooked on heroin. This was a terrible dream. What the hell does this mean?

  2. Jessica Saunders on

    I dreamed last night my soon to be husband who is a recovering meth addict was shooting up meth and being horrible to me.

  3. My brother is in the military. I had a dream that somehow, for some reason, the military visited our little community and i did what i could to keep my brother with us. When they had to leave, my brother stayed. They didn’t like that and so they released a gas that made many people sick. Many of the older people held their breath and ran to a place that wasn’t effected by the gas. We were then put on a single file line into this small room. It was obviously low budget due to the fact that shots were being given right in front of people’s rooms. I was ushered to a seat and sat with a very sweet man who had me put my arm out and took my blood. he then injected me with a strange yellow liquid. Then he pulled out a drill looking thing. It was definitely another needle for shots but it came into a twist, as if it were a drill. I saw my family then. My mom was at the shot table across from me and my dad had walked out of one of the rooms behind me with a bowl of soup. I assumed it was my brothers room because he had breathed in the gas from before. Then i felt an excruciating pain in my wrist. The man had started drilling away at my skin. He shoved the rest of the shot in there and i realized he had injected some type of tracker into me. He went back in with a skinny took to push the tracker up into my skin.. and then i woke up. no idea what this means but it definitely freaked me out !!

  4. I had a dream I was at my parents old house and I was locked in their old bedroom. There was a strange doctor who came into the room, and I had a bad feeling about being alone in the room with him. He said I needed this shot but he didn’t sound very convincing, he was also wearing a mask so I couldn’t see his face/expression. He pulled out two ridiculously big syringes, like just the needle was as big and thick as a pencil. The doctor cornered me in the room and I was panicking trying to figure out how to get away without getting punctured by one of the needles (he had one in each hand). Suddenly he charged at me with the needles almost stabbing my stomach and I woke up.

  5. Fantastic emeka on

    I had a dream where I and my wife went for a place, a kind of clinic and I that dream it seems that we are aware that they are going to inject us, I was the first to be injected and something will be coming out of your body like your receiving treatment Then I woke up.

  6. I don’t know what is happening with me since last 6-7 years that i see future or past in my dreams. Even if i go to some places where anyone unknown has died before which I’m unaware of but i still get to dream about that person and his death which comes to be true after inquiring. Even if i dream about someone dying, in a week of that dream that person is no more. I can see and hear those whom I’ve never met or known to. Can you please help me?

  7. I’m so afraid of my dreams aa they always comes out to be true in near or far future times. This time i saw myself so happy with the news that i have to take an injection everyday but i was so afraid when i had ro take it. I was running away from it but some people kept me and gave me the injection in a very painful way. Can u please tell me what the meaning is?

  8. I had a dream, that I was in some type of medical facility, (not admited into a hospital. ) A woman doctor, came into the room and told the male nurse that I needed an EKG an X-ray.

    I was laying on the examining table, when a man walked in, with a medical mask on, he walked behind me, touched me on my back, as he touched me I could feel the syringe enter, my back. I asked him what was he doing he covered, my mouth, and pushed the syringe in deeper, I could feel myself losing consciousness, as I tried to scream for help, he squeezed the injection site as if to make the substance react quicker, he said something but I could not understand what he was saying. I continued to slowly lose consciousness as if I was dying, then I abruptly woke up from the dream. (nightmare)

  9. I remember laying in bed, in my own home, a woman injected my spine, and I was in pain, I couldn’t move, every time it would wear off she’d give me another one moving up higher on my spine, also in my dream I just laid there in pain, crying for hours.

  10. Kristina Georges on

    I recently went threw a break up and I’m hopeing my partner will come back . I was dreaming of getting heath shots I’m my mouth the way u would take jello shots in a club

  11. my dream was i was near death and this woman asked if i wanted to be injected to end pain. i felt needle, but it wasnt a typical syringe, more like a laser. i remember dying and feeling better. i wasnt forced

  12. I just had a dream wherein I was running away from a rapist, and while running naked down the street for help I saw this bright purple car and just sat down inside. The man at first seemed nice, but slowly as we are driving I learned more about him, he was in his 30s and lived with his mom, and was a sadistic dentist. He pulls out this syringe and I tried to actually pull out the needle which was very long and to no avail. Then I jumped out of the moving car. I kept screaming for help at the people around me (it was a school) but everyone just looked at me like I was crazy. He just followed me and injected me at first in the heart. He said it was morphine, and then he injected me in the back of my gums, like when you’re getting your wisdom teeth out. It’s weird how realistic the pain is in your dream. I remember looking in a mirror and seeing a big bulge from the shot, and feeling the sensation of the needle.

  13. I was being tortured in my dream . There were two people trying to hurt me but they were laughing about it . They said they were going to pull out my back tooth but I was like “ that’ll hurt they’re not loose “ next thing you know my teeth start crumbling and falling down . And then they grabbed this injection and I tried moving it away from me but instead it went inside my finger . Then next thing you know I had three needle injections in my mouth that were making me feel numb but I could still feel some sort of horrible pain . Then they started stitching my mouth up and I kept calling for help .

  14. Piper Newman on

    The dream I had was almost like a video game… it started with these two random people who were talking, but I couldn’t hear them. Then I was randomly spawned in this area that looked like it was underwater, and I had to run away from people with needles, and if they caught me and injected me with the needles, the dream would start over.
    I’m very confused, although I’ve had dreams a bit like this before where if I died it literally says “game over”…. anyone know what video game dreams mean..?

  15. SheBreather on

    My dream involved being injected in the heart with a long large syringe, similar to what I have seen used for Amniocentesis. I was in some sort of medical facility and a nurse was about to inject my heart to fix whatever heart issue I had. As she plummeted the syringe into my chest, I was overwhelmed with pain. She told me, she would administer a pain killer and I warned her that I was allergic to morphine. She walked over to what looked like a powerpack with another smaller syringe attached to it. She said, “Usually, I am not supposed to administer a cannabis injection, but I’ll make an exception.” After receiving the second injection, all the pain was gone. I couldn’t feel my face, but I felt something warm on my lips. My hand touched my mouth to find it covered with blood. The nurse scurried me to a second room where she told me they would get me cleaned up. I entered the small closet sized room and then reached up to my mouth to see if the blood was still there and exclaimed, “Oh I imagined it, there isn’t any blood.” The other nurse said “Honey, you just don’t remember”. I went back to the other room where the first nurse was now holding a small white plastic structure in between a pair of large tweezers. “This one is going to take some extra work. ” she said holding what appeared to be a bagel knife in her other hand.

  16. I had a dream where I was running from people who were trying to inject me with something called. “Hakensaw”. In the dream I was told it was ok to get injected the first time but if I needed another dosage, I would die. In the dream I had already gotten the first. So these random people kept chasing me for the second. I kept speeding off in cars, I couldn’t stay places more then a couple seconds. I didn’t want to be seen by anyone. Towards the very end of the dream I was in a hotel and tried to spend the night with someone and the people who were chasing me were spotted on the security cameras and I had to climb out of the window and run before they caught me. After that I woke up. Very weird dream.

  17. I had a dream thos am of a man dressed in white with a large syringe he tryed to inject then i moved away. He came back again and I kind of felt it go deep into the center of my spine. As he injected, he move the needle within upward towards my heart space though needle was too long. ?????

  18. Ranicia Basan on

    Your Comment
    i had a dream that two men came and forcibly injected a needle in my teeth. I became unconscious and was begging that one man to help me. Then i became conscious again. What does this dream mean?

    • I saw in my dream that some one was trying inject something forcibly at my arm but he couldn’t as I was trying to stop him he injected the syringe in my leg and I fell unconscious
      But when I got conciousness I was being raped and I was crying.there were 3 people in that room and 1 person among them was my close relative.

  19. I had a dream that i was in the hospital to greet someone, the doctor look at me and said i am not ok, check my eye, and inject my left hand

  20. I dreamt that I was abducted by a strange group of women and taken to a drug house, where they all held me down at the same time and started injecting me with drugs. It was pretty violent the way it happened, like they were stabbing me with their needles. After they had finished, I was disoriented and tried to find a way out, but the house was like a maze, full of people partying and doing drugs. This is not the first time I have dreamt about someone stabbing me with a needle, but it was the first time that they had actually injected something into my system. Quite an unpleasant dream.

    • Dorcas Fikile Kubheka on

      This is a dangerous dream usually being injected without your concern in the dream I seen lot of people developing uncurerable sicknesses after they have dream such kind of dreams.solutionpray against every incurable diseases that thn you may be em afflicted by and test blood ,heart and cancer because spiritual world uses mediums of gm dreams to send afflictions to the living.

  21. I had a dream these 2 black males were chasing me w bloody i’vs or iveys stuck to there arms one held me down while the other took his ivey outta his arm and poked me w it i managed to run away and i met up w my mom and i was crying and she said that was H.I.V positive that i been affected… Wtffff???

  22. I had a dream I was being forced by 2 familiar faces to take an injection I read the name of the injection they were giving me in the dream but when I woke up I couldn’t remember it. I recieved the injection in a room in what seemed to be a glass office in the city so I was even more terrifying. After the injection was given to me I started cursing the 3 people holding me down (including the 2 familiar faces) telling them they would burn in hell

  23. I had a dream group of people broke into a hospital injecting people with a chip they were coming for us. I broke the first syringe and the second almost got to me and i heard a loud scream dont take the chip.then i woke up!

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