Injection Dream Symbol


Injection – An injection in your dream is an invasive symbol of something forcibly being put into you, whether it is into your body or into your psychological space. This can be beneficial or harmful, depending on the emotional surroundings of the symbol and the rest of the context of the dream. For instance, if you dream of being injected with a life-saving medicine, this is a sign of being rescued and healed from a particularly difficult situation.

On the other hand, if the injection is something harmful or threatening, this is a sign of an extremely dangerous circumstance, possibly involving a person who is threatening your well-being profoundly. An injection is a symbol that always involves a certain level of violation, which means that an increased level of trust and benefit is required for this symbol to be positive.

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  1. Kiara Kneer on

    I dreamt that a patch like object was placed on my arm ( like a cigarete patch; I dont smoke but thats what it reminded me of ) it was about half a centimeter thick and during my dream I would be given injections like clock work with it and I rememer feeling the pain, very out of the ordinary .

    Lol , and this was like a very small part of my dream but I remember it , the patch protects me (so I believe) in the dream where later I come in contact with a apocalyptic dream (I could go into detail but the injection/patch stood out to me more so. )

  2. Kerone Dawkins on

    Am a dreamer, but I don’t believe in supernatural, but on this day I came to recognise dreams r real, I dream about me been inject by a niggle, and in less than a day after goggle injection my dream play out just as what the writer describe

  3. This dream i had happened a year after me and my hubby got together about 8 yrs ago. I had a dream that i was in a hospital lobby surrounded by my family and no one else/no kids. There was a nurse restraining me on both sides while forcing me to take a shot against my will. I was screaming, “no you cant kill me!” I look to my family and they were all crying. The dream was in third person, which I’ve never experienced before. This part is disturbing me to this day- my husband and our neighbor (which i barely knew) both explained at different times having the same type of dream w/in a years span! Creepy. Anyone else have something similar?

  4. I had a dream that people were trying to inject me for my blood chasing me so I would keep on running and hiding

  5. When I was 10, I would have reoccurring nightmares of being in an Operating Room, standing back to the right side of the person on the O.R. table, watching in horror as the doctor on the left side of them was injecting LONG needles into the person’s eyes over and over again. I can still remember it, as if I’m still in the dream. Even creepier still… The doctor didn’t seem to have any eyes himself….

  6. I had a dream I was with my brother and boyfriend and we saw floating light spheres pinkish red that were clearly ET like and I wasn’t afraid at all one sphere came close to me I reached to touch it and it poked my left pointer finger under the first wrinkle and when I woke up the next day my finger and arm were soar and my finger had a little bit of pain then when looking at the starts like I always do I remember my dream and noticed I had a small dot on the finger, any idea what it could mean

  7. This might sound stupid but I had a dream of being injected with something by theses 3 guys and I got pregnant.

  8. I had a dream a war was going on. I only really remember the end of the dream. A bomb went off and I got a call on my cell phone, no one said anything but when I answered I saw my friends face I then looking to the table next to me and saw a vile with a red and white label and a syringe laying next to it and then I woke up…

  9. I had a dream I was followed my a girl at a garden party round my neighbors home, she pushed her way through my door and then stabbed a needle of heroin into my chin, I was pushing and fighting her off she put more in my wrist and then it was too late I couldn’t stop the feeling from it. I was scared and wanted it to stop, I was in the garden and I saw friends I knew but they didn’t notice I needed their help, the girl then waited for me to be alone in the garden, and she tried talking me into do crack and told me about what she likes taking, I couldn’t even speak and my mouth was swollen and I couldn’t control my mouth hanging open. I then was in bed and heard someone trying to bang on my front door to wake me, I then actually woke up and had to check the upstairs window to see if anyone was outside, it seemed that real, but instead it was all a bad dream I woke from, what is the meaning of this dream please?

  10. Last night I dreamt of being injected in my right arm by my boyfriend. Then, not a long later my twin sister came and did the same thing, but couldn’t take injection out of my arm. The dream is rather unpleasant overall, particularly the latter episode that left me feel helpless and scared.

  11. I dreamt that I was in school, in a part i had never been to before where I was inside one of many small rooms. The girl to my left in the confined space started to inject me with heroin, or some kind of uncommon drug. We began injecting each other over and over, and enjoyed it too. Thats all I can remember.

  12. Anthony Hernandez on

    I had a dream i was in jail and they were trying to inject me with medicine. I told them i wasn’t crazy and they had the wrong patient but it made me look crazy so they wanted to give me a higher dose. Finally i just let them so they didn’t send me to the chair that they were going to strap me in. Don’t do drugs or jail so i don’t get it lol!

    • Ezekiel harpee on

      I had the same exact except their was three mean looking ppl as well as a Dr. (Female) she gave me an injection on the side of my lower back causing me to feel the pain. I wake up and I can literally feel were I “got” the injection.

  13. I dreamt my ex was trying to find, I was having my family hide me from him…. They don’t let him take me so he comes back with a few other people to beat up my dad also shoot at my house till we were all on the floor hiding because we didn’t wonna get killed. They wanted to fight my dad because he was protecting them from coming inside, so my ex sent someone to call him on and fight him so my dad ended up fighting and loosing, I can’t remember if they jumped him but he lost. They stabbed him and left him on the dirt outside and ran inside my house, my ex found me and came from the back of me and injucted a huge niddle inside my spinnalcord , I was numb and couldn’t move are talk and it made me feel crazy for him, I loved having no control over myself only he did….. I didn’t feel scard anymore, I felt numb and obbsessed with him all in one second… I remember bfore he injected the drug in me I was fighting with him to try and get away, then I looked around and his friends were stabbing the needles into my family but they were passing out, I wasn’t….. My ex then was holding me up and kept injecting needles in my back and I felt everytime he did and it made me want him, I was obbsessed with him, I fell in love with him and wanted to belong to him, I was all his, he was my drug my herion i’d never felt in reality……What does that mean? I woke up and felt the urge to feel the way he made me feel for him in my dream. I remember thinking of that dream allday and for a couple of days I was all in love with him everytime i looked at him in reality. I wanted him to posses me like he did in my dream. But why?

  14. I had a dream that I was with my elder brother and my elder brother was having someone argument with another person then we were all together like gather together something eating or having convasation then my mother called me and said christian come and have the other injection so and I wasn’t sick and I immediately gave my hand to my mother which was the left hand of my and she gave the injection and I no no hurt . I mean I feel no pain during the injection period.

  15. Had a dream of being injected in my right arm by two people wearing white clothes somewhere like in a hospital or so, cant recall exactly.

  16. Had a dream of an invasive medical nature. Straw in my throat with a pill pushed down. Saw a pale being with eyes closed, silver hair, male/female features. Throat sore afterwards. What was that all about? Cried out in my sleep.

  17. I had a dream where I was injecting people against Diphtheria. I made terrible mistakes. I injected one with I very big needle that is used for withdrawing the vaccine from the vial. And I overdosed 2 people. I then realised I did not have an emergency box. But they were all well, no fainting or bleeding. I am worried about this dream, cannot understand it. Can someone help.

  18. I had a dream where i was injected with some type of drug, i was in a truck with these guys and one of them was hurt so i told him i wanted to drive and he told me i needed it because we needed to follow somebody so they would get away and so he injected me with it and i felt power within a couple of seconds, a feeling that was amazing, which felt so real. So i drove the truck but i drove it with alot of courage without fear but i drove it in a very high speed with hessetating to stop but that feeling was so great and so real but only for a couple of seconds and my vision looked like as if i was going through space at a very very fast pace.

  19. Hi,

    I had a dream last night, that I injected DMT into my arm and felt my body instantly start too float away. It was impossible for me to sit up in the dream but after that I was fine and continued sleeping.

  20. Paul Gómez on

    The part where it started that I can clearly remember was somehow riding in the truck of a guy I knew when we played soccer on the same team, I never became close to him so I can’t seem to understand why it is he was even in my dream since I havnt even thought about him or even built a friendship with him.

    My favorite aunt lives in mexico near the border. I loved going to her house, I would enjoy roaming the property ever since I can remember. My other sun lived right behind her and a brick wall and sheets of metal with a halfassed barbed wire and wooden sticks at the top. I would always jump that fence to get to my other aunts house.

    So for my dream… Me and this guy are in his truck, we go from the paved streets to the dirt road to reach my aunt’s house. There isn’t any attractive houses on the way there but both of my aunts. In my dream though, there were two style homes I love.. Anything looking like a vamvampire could live in or stone houses.. I was like wow those are so nice, that’s the kind of homes I like. He just agreed and don’t recall any small talk from his part. We finally reached my aunties. We got off the truck before the downhill and started walking. For some reason I felt like something wasn’t right.. I was ahead and turned slightly to see him when I saw a syringe in his left hand and what seemed to be like a small jar looking thing with a yellow fluid inside. I got nervous and started walking again but out of nowhere the fear grew stronger. I looked back and saw a girl… Never in my life had I seen her and her outfit doesn’t fit in with the way I dress or the people around me. She was just wearing like grey slim bootcut jeans,a black hoodie, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Not that there’s something wrong being dressed like that but everyone I hang around with is always well dressed so it made no sense.. Never met her, seen her, just didn’t fit in the picture.

    I told the guy someone followed us and he looked back and said “oh great you’re already here” then I knew something was wrong… I said hold up let me check if my aunt is here.. I jogged to her house which took like 7 seconds at most. I turned around before I got to the door and he was behind me.. I said hey what are you doing? He pulled up the syringe and honestly cannot remember whatvhe said but I started running around one of the cars that was there. He tried but failed at getting me. The girl got pissed off and can’t remember what she said but I could only assume she wanted to do it for herself. I ran on the side of the house so scared and was yelling like a little bitch. My strength was gone.. I was weak.. I couldn’t jump over the fence I mentioned in the beginning. As soon as I was on top of it it I kinda looked down and her hand was about to reach my foot and I woke up so scared for some reason.. Like bad, my chest felt like it was on fire.. My toes clenched and my hands as well.

    Please tell me what you think about this… Reach me at

    [email protected]

  21. I had a scary vivid dream where I was having lunch with people I just met & one of the ladies walks over to me and rubs something on my lips, I pass out in the dream and when I awaken in the dream I was in a room being interrogated. The person asking me questions states “you know alot of things you’re not supposed to know and we just want to make sure you’re on our side” I’m groggy so all I can think to ask is “who are you and how dare you do that to me!” They tell me I’ll be ok and not to worry. I go to get up to leave and I think the lady behind me is about to open the door for me when she swipes the gel on my lips again and I pass out yet again in the dream, When I awaken in the dream I’m even groggier, all kinds of questions are hurled at me, I can barely think to even answer them- it felt like a kind of drug was given that prevented lieing, I found it difficult to mislead them, I certainly didn’t want them knowing where I lived etc. I seemed to be responding appropriately when I was left alone in the room. I felt woozy and had to lie down on the bed that was in the room, when I woke up it was to real life. This dream was the most realistic I’ve ever had in my life. In it I felt like I had inadvertently entered another dimension. I have been having alot of dreams lately where I awaken in the dream, like i’m dreaming within the dream. I find these unsettling.

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