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Inheritance – An inheritance in a dream is a symbol of legacy, and an identity that is connected to your history. There is often the promise of unexpected good fortune to come. This dream symbol does not mean that you will actually receive a literal inheritance from a rich uncle; instead, some old action or investment will finally come to fruition and bring you a deserved reward.

Alternatively, an inheritance may represent an aspect of your past that is currently affecting your life in some way, and which you need to examine and understand in order to come to terms with it and ensure that it works for your benefit.

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  1. Victoria Meaney on

    I had a dream my husband walked and and put our mail on the table in which I saw two envelopes brown with the big windows in them addressed to me, so my first reaction was damn my daughter who has some disabilities and I got denied for our social security…. I then came to a point that I opened the first letter and I read it out loud to my husband and it said dear (my name) we are writing to inform you we will be sending you over a course of the next 12 months a sum of 252,000.00…..i remember being so excited and happy but I couldn’t see who it was from that part was all blurry….. The next letter said the same thing only the amount was different it was 18,000 what does this mean, I heard you can’t actully read stuff in your dreams but I could only read that part of both letters nothing more

  2. I dreamed an long time friend left me his house and a lot of money,he is alive at this time and I pray for many years to come but he has been sick for several years and he does have cancer.

  3. i dream of receiving inheritance from an on woman who is a stranger in my waking life. i was contemplating whether or not i should take it. it seemed to me that i may be taking advantage of the older woman if i do so but at the same time it seemed justified since in the dream i was the only one who cared and loved that woman. It also seems to me that i was just justifying why i should take the business inheritance because it’s really huge money, plus it will give me a better chance to reach my dream.

    > what does that mean?

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