Influential Figures Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Business Icons Dream Symbol – Dreaming of successful business people indicates that you have the ability to overcome all challenges that cross your path when dealing with career or business matters. It can mean you are a high achiever that takes pride in doing your best for yourself and those who rely on you in your career.

important-people-dreamsThis dream can also mean you are already successful in your business or career. It may be reinforcing this fact. You are happy and content with your current achievements. It is time to take a little time out to relax. You have earned it.


Leader Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a leader can signify the assertive side of your nature. You may often take charge in difficult situations. Others may naturally look to you for leadership. You may feel responsible for welfare of others. This is a side of you where you consider others’ to be more important than yourself.

On the other hand, dreaming of a leader can mean you look down on those you perceive to be weaker than you. It may be a warning not to abuse your power. You may be in a position of authority and need to be fair to all. It can also be a warning that you are too apathetic. You tend to not bother trying too hard. It is a warning you need to stand up for yourself. You can always expect others to protect you.

Seeing a leader in a negative light can mean you refuse to take responsibility. You may not care about setting a good example. You may be a mean, bossy person who expects others to jump at your command. Your arrogance maybe out of control. This can make you new enemies wherever you go.

Movers and Shakers – When you dream of people who are movers and shakers it represents a part of your character that is fun-loving and assertive. This can be that you feel responsible for showing others there is a different way. There are always alternatives. It can mean you like to see things from an alternate point view. Sometimes to incite open discussion on topics that maybe socially difficult to discuss.

Dreams of movers and shakers can mean you may need or want to be more like this in your own life. It is a time to follow your instincts to do what is in your heart. You may have a passion to the lead the way in keeping things like freedom of speech alive.

Revolutionaries – Meeting revolutionaries in a dream indicates you want to change things in your life. You may even be fighting to right the wrongs of an unjust system somewhere. You may be intent on seeing that the rules or systems are changed to benefit society as a whole. For example, exporting live animals for food in a foreign country can be cruel to the animals concerned.

Revolutionaries in a dream can also mean you want to rebel against some authority in your real life. This could be the police, justice system, your boss, lover, or parents. Dreaming of taking part in a revolution indicates this is what is happening to your thoughts and feelings. They may be going through a transformation to find a new perspective. It maybe you find it difficult to conform to what mainstream society expects from you. You need to honor the truth you believe in.

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