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Indian – The meaning of your dream about an Indian depends on your cultural background and heritage, and your perception of the Indian culture. It also depends on whether you dream about an Indian from India or a Native American Indian.

In the global perception, a native of India often represents rising technology and opportunity, while Native Americans often represent tribalism, honor and tragic defeat. To accurately understand your dream about an Indian, however, you will need to take into account all the cultural narrative into which you were brought up, as well as your own race-related and national feelings.

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  1. I have seen a less developed colony out of the city, big houses then I visited a restaurant in a very simple room
    with some people.I am taking it as a message of devil and want to interpret its meaning.

  2. carl kenneth cullum on

    First dream about guns with footprint on butt and other symbols on forearm of guns in teepee like war symbols and tribe was getting ready for war then dream inside that was everything was fine with tribe peaceful. My great grandmother was half Cherokee.

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