Incubus Dream Meanings and Interpretations


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Incubus – An incubus is a male sex demon in mythology. To dream about an incubus indicates guilt or anxiety about sexuality. An incubus dream is not an indication that you ought to feel guilty about sex; on the contrary, it is a clear indication that you harbor an irrational, even superstitious, hangup about sexuality and you need to become more comfortable with your sexual aspect. Sexual expression is natural, good and healthy, and to fear it as something demonic is a sign of an unhealthy repression, often due to religious reasons.

Incubus/Succubus Dream Symbols

Have you ever woken up with a cold start feeling fear deep to your core? That pure evil surrounds you in the darkness? This may be a dream of the incubus. The manifestation of your deepest fears that follows you into wakefulness from the shadows of your dreams. This can warn you are no longer recognizable for your self. Your manifestation has gone beyond recognition. But this is not positive. What evil lurks within you? This is also a warning that someone close will betray your trust. This can be soul destroying. It could be that someone of the opposite sex lies to you solely to use you sexually. Beware.

The incubus is a demon of the worst kind. It is always male and haunts women’s dreams to force you to do things that you would not normally do. A succubus is the female version of an incubus, and haunts men’s dreams from an early age giving them unnatural erotic dreams with a passion for sexual diversity. Cavorting with these demons through their sexual perversions can lead to death.

You may be in a fragile emotional state. Traumatic events from your past may make you vulnerable to these demons. You may have been raped, lived through physical or psychological abuse, been subjected to physical violence, or survived some other traumatic event that may disturb your sleep with nightmares. Stress and anxiety of everyday things can also trigger these types of dreams. You may feel out of control and unsupported. This can manifest in drug or alcohol abuse, a life of crime, or partaking in sexual perversions. You may be incapable of resisting. Your self-esteem may be so low. You may have no other support. These dreams indicate your fragile emotional state. It is time to seek help urgently.

Dreaming of an incubus can represent your lack of compassion for others, selfishness, conceitedness, thoughtless actions, a lazy attitude, and closed mind. This is a message that exposes your darkest side. Whatever that is. These can all be symptoms of the traumas you have survived. You may feel unloved and completely alone in the world. Only you can change this.

A dream of the incubus can also symbolize a yearning to change your life, possible destitution, and problems at work. Are you feeling unhappy with what you currently have and do? Do you wish to change your work and lifestyle? You need to take more responsibility for the decisions and choices you make for yourself. You have the ability to adapt to anything, Even the most difficult situations.

A dark colored incubus can indicate depression and negativity. A light-colored incubus brings happy news. If they are falling, this can warn to be prepared for a difficult temptation in the future.

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