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Incense – Incense is a powerful symbol of sacredness and purity. It is often to be found in churches and temples, and is commonly used in meditation and prayer. It is symbolic of a vast mysterious otherness, and can symbolize spirituality or the quest for divinity in your dreams. It can also symbolize the subconscious, as a mysterious state or place not readily accessible to the conscious mind.

If you dream about incense, take note of the dream surroundings and any message that may be present. It may be a message from your subconscious, or it may indeed be a message from a divinity or your spiritual aspect.

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  1. yesterday night could smell incense stick after I slept-while everyone was asleep in the home and no one ignited it- then found white feather in the morning and in office also got same smell.

  2. I had an odd dream last night that my grandmother gave me a pack of incense sticks which is something she often does in real life. She gave me a pack containing mostly the red ones that I hate and a bunch of my favorite green and a few brown ones that are the best in my opinion. I was happy for all of them. Instead of lighting the brown or even the green ones I lit one of the red. Then I woke up.

  3. Hi there,
    Just wanted to write about my dream hope someone can interprets it
    I saw a strange women whom I’m not able to recognize or see her face clearly,she suddenly gives me a neckles that carries virgin Mary’s so beautiful and divine pictures on it and a nylon pack of insence a nylon pack of oil on a cotton and a small nylon pack carring 1 small candle. And my dream was around 3am in the morning or so,

    • On the same page with me, I saw a Chinese woman who work hard for her small shop. Giving me an umbrella. Red umbrella with very powerful smell incence, and I walk with this umbrella and smelling the incense

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