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Imprisonment – Imprisonment is a straightforward symbol. In some part of your life, whether it be in a relationship, in a business endeavor, or in a creative pursuit, you are being blocked from making the choices you wish to make or taking the actions you know you need to.

The source of the block or obstacle can sometimes be determined by identifying who or what is imprisoning you in your dream. If you dream that you break free from imprisonment, this is a powerful omen that you will gain self-empowerment over this obstacle, and that you will soon again be able to accomplish the goals you have for yourself.

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  1. Government officials arrest me from my house and take me to another country (looks like somewhere in Africa) where I am imprisoned. The jail is huge and the prisoners look scary. I have just arrived, I look around, and I feel fear and helplessness. Soon I start walking and looking around in the corridors, soon I find my way in back laundry area, and I easily walk myself to a large roofless ground area within the prison. I meet an army captain there who is from my country and I ask him to help me out but he walks away without saying a word.

    I continue walking toward the back area and easily manage to enter the little street outside the prison. I look at the huge prison walls from outside and think to myself that soon they’ll come looking for me. So I run, and soon find myself in a busy city street. To get out of this unknown country, I swim through rough seas and arrived safely at the sea shores of India.

    I feel hopeful and happy. I continue my journey, and finally reach home. I meet my dad to tell him how I was imprisoned unfairly. But before I could start the conversation, he starts hitting me on my face real hard. After taking a good beating, I sit by my dad and tell what had actually happened while crying. Then I suddenly woke up.

  2. not this kind of improsinment i dreamt
    my dream was that i am in my bed every thing in my room is the same as its in reality and i am struggling to get out of the bed dreaming that i have tried to fall from the bed but couldnt then tried to move but as if i am paralized in my position
    during this strugling to move out of bed i can hear the sounds aroung me in reality
    and finally when i woke up i felt my heart beats going fast and i was very exusted as if i was really strugling
    but in realilty i wasnt even moving a finger !!
    so what was that ?

  3. Johan K Jacobsen on

    Just woke up, so I remember it clearly.

    I had a dream, that I was caught in russia of spying, and then imprisoned. The most of the dream, was about a guard that was brutal with me, and punishing me all the time. I was false accused, and i was trying to break out all the time, but everytime failed. I met a person in the dream that was one of my ex, and I was trying to make her talk to the Danish embassy, so they were informed that I was in prison. In the dream everything failed, and then I just woke up.

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