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Imposter – An imposter in your dream is a sign that someone in your life is not who they appear to be, or that they are untrustworthy in some way. If you dream that you are an imposter, this is an indication that you feel uncomfortable with the role you have recently been playing in some of your relationships.

You may feel that you have been false to yourself or to someone else. Seeing an imposter in your dream can also be a warning to protect yourself, your information, and your psychological space. Someone unscrupulous may be attempting to meddle in your relationships, destroy your peace, or steal your identity.

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  1. I had multiple imposter dreams.
    I had dreams where there were clones of my pets and I had to find the actual good pet. But I always picked the wrong one. Guessing that thats me not trusting my self that I can pick the right people to trust.
    And the dream I had yesterday was of my dad and mom. Some guys who wanted to kill me morphed in to my parents to trick me to trust them. And when I realized that and was on the run. The killers on my tail. After multiple calls to my mom. She answered, and told me she was working and couldn’t answer. The killers were going to kill me now. That was that. No doubt about it. And I woke up. Uhhhh guess that that’s that I didn’t trust my mother that she’ll be there for me when I need here. She had recent fits about how much time I take from here day and stuff so I’m guessing that’s that.
    Mmm also had a friend the day before that whom I was really worried about since they are in a troubled position. And they weren’t answering my message. So I spent the whole day worrying instead of doing some thing productive. And when they finally said something, it was that they wanted me to help them make a present for someone. … And I was just pissed at them. I cared to much. Idk why.
    Sooo its probably a mix of the thing before and –
    I think its my dreams telling me that some one I’m close to is going to leave me and that there was nothing I could do about it. They were gonna hurt me, braking my trust in them for them to be here for me. That I should depend less on people and care less so I don’t get hurt. Which would be unproductive for me. I have trust issues so I’m guessing my dreams are telling me not to trust that person with my feelings.

  2. LaurniiPhi on

    My dream of an imposter child, my nephew, but not really my nephew, came out of nowhere. The child was not the real nephew, however everyone thought he was. Despite my doubts they excepted him as the nephew. The feeling I got was foul and terrifying. When I woke up I kept thinking about this situation in my dream, and what it meant. About a week later a family member moved in with me. This particular family member has had many issues in their life. They are trying to overcome them and often times seem as if they have it all together. However other times they seem to be at an all time low. Despite seeing those facts before hand, I still confidently invited them to live with me.
    After one week exactly, the relationship between me and this family member became increasingly tense and aggressive. A huge fight broke between us, one of us was injured. Two days after I had to clean blood off the floor and walls. The fight was unreconciled due to both of us having very different opinions of the others character and motives. Now I realize that the dream was telling me that this person was not who I thought they were in a very specific sense of the idea. Even though I’ve known this person most of my life.
    Dreams and the feelings and dreams are important. Is anyone else weary of people who don’t dream?

  3. I first saw a fraud imposting as a postman to rip a hotel off their money by charging them for false mail. Then I saw myself playing the same trick on another hotel and succeeding despite my lack of experience.

    • like at least 30 mins ago i had the weirdest ending to my dream, i don’t remember the full dream but i also remember it not being a nightmare anyways so i’m laying on my bed and my uncle comes in my room yelling “ nicole grabbed your mom and now your mom isn’t talking!!!!! “ * FYI i haven’t seen my cousin nicole in forever * so i walked out the room and i seen her she kinda fell upon me and her mouth was open but nothing was coming out so my first thought was she was having a stroke , but then she grabbed my shoulders really tight and her eyes were all black trying to focus on eye contact with me and out of nowhere I started repeatedly saying “ name of the father , sun , and the holy spirit “ ( btw i’m not super church religious n shit i don’t believe in that stuff , i would just considered myself closed with God ) and then she tried to get off me and she wouldn’t make eye contact & i kept saying that and out of nowhere i woke up breathing heavy ; i still feel her touch , i’ve never in my life had a dream like that and i’ve had a lot of nightmares but this one is just a reallly big off feeling , i just hope maybe someone can tell me what tf was happening.

  4. i had a dream i just woke up from and its right now 8:53 am small dream.. i was in old room i had a former best friend he was using his laptop and i was on the bed with the girl i truly love ever since i was little and she was there with me it was about military airplanes bombing a place near by we felt the noise and vibrations we was under the covers but was able to see outside the window of my room and … she was with black tan top without a bra she said Danny stop getting up my shirt is pulling down an then her short shorts as well was getting down and after that she undressed her self and seduced me my real life former best friend did not seem to care so me and her was having intercourse on my bed while he was on the laptop and then she had to leave afte we did it after a while in the dream i found that she was having with multiple people like one guy she doesnt even know ( as i felt in the dream) she was giving him a blow job in a corner of some place where nobody can see them i felt hurt and mad saying this was not Natalie it was a imposter, from there felt like it was her

  5. Mrs Walker on

    I had an imposter dream last night. I just found in may my husband of 14 years was having an affair for almost 6 months. This helped to put that in perspective.

    • Georgia Macon on

      I had a dream where I was dancing with my crush. We were super close for about a week, but he has ignored me for half a year now. He’s not who I thought he was.

      In my dream, it was dark, and we were dancing. It was jazz or something, and he was leading. Although neither of us can dance in real life, this dance was beautiful. When it was over, I looked up at him and saw that it had been someone else all along. I felt like I had been cheated, and I felt stupid for having been fooled again.

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