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Impale – To dream of being impaled is a sign that you are afraid of letting someone or something in to your situation or your psychological space. This is a dream symbol that indicates a deep sense of threat and anxiety. There may be something harmful within yourself that needs to be lanced and exposed in order to allow you to heal, though this is also a frightening prospect.

The fear that you will be hurt by letting someone in is reasonable; however, how will you grow if you do not open yourself up to the possibility of being hurt sometimes? Notice the part of your body that you dream about being impaled; this is also symbolic and gives insight into the particular meaning of this symbol for you.

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  1. Heathentimes on

    IDK if this is related to my sigil Iowa’s given to me by a friend for protection against couple shady people in my life, but I just dreamed my whole right arm, down to my fingers, were impailed by toothpicks. I actually felt it in me until I dreamed I received local anesthesia. Was so bad I dreamed my middle knuckle on my middle finger was being held together by the toothpicks. What does i mean??

  2. I dreamed that I got into a sword fight against Professor Moriaty. My best friend Garrett, Sherlock Holmes, Watson, and my other best friend Chloee was there. Holmes had suffered an injury when he was pushed off a bunch of storage crates, that made him incapable of fighting against moriarty. Watson had no clue how to fence, and neither did my friends. So I challenged Moriaty to fight me (I don’t know how to fence either) so I started sword fighting. I knicked moriarty several times, but in the end Moriaty skewered me (on the opposite side where the stomach is located) I started bleeding a lot, and I started coughing up blood. I collapsed, and the last thing I remember (cuz I died) was Holmes running at Moriaty, and Garrett, chloee, and Dr Watson bending over me.

  3. Gisselle Lopez on

    Recently I had a dream where I was laying down and a curtain rod fell and impaled my left wrist – in my dream I was angry about what happened but others around me didn’t react. I just wanna know what that might mean.

  4. I had dream last night that I was driving in my car and a truck with a boom and anchor attached to it was in Front of me and the boom hit a sign and the anchor fell through the roof of my car and impaled my head. I felt the anchor and my head. It only broke through my skin and not my skull. I drove to an empty lot near by to call 911 and I immediately started to cry and yelled out Ma!!! Thanks!!!! I knew I didn’t die because my mother had been watching over me. I’ve been having a lot of violent dreams lately and I don’t know why.

  5. I’ve just woken up from a horrible dream. I get night terrors every night and I’m starting to feel emotional about them now!

    I dreamt that my friend was trying to kill me, she’s a very close friend in waking life so it shocked me. She then stabbed me with nail clippers very hard in the shoulder, I didn’t feel pain but there was a lot of blood. I then moved around the room as if I was scared of her and what she’d do next. I fell to the floor and she stabbed me in the neck! Again, no pain but I was covered in blood. I managed to use her house phone and dial 999 as I was too scared to find mine, the operator told me to try and escape and go on the street so I can be seen. Friends of mine noticed me but couldn’t see that I’d been stabbed, when I asked them for help they asked why and then oddly enough Dec from Ant&Dec noticed the blood on my face and made me wait in a car until ambulance arrived. When I got in the car I passed out and that’s when I woke up!

  6. I have a constant vision (dreaming and awake/day dream) of being impaled through the cheeks. In through one side of my face- out through the other. No build up, no follow up just impaled. I don’t seem in pain or particularly bothered by it :/

    • I have had two dreams that past nights of being impales in some way. In the first dream oddly I had the top of a plastic spoon stuck into my palm and I could feel my skin stretch against it. The second dream was much worse; I don’t remember much detail. Though there was something stabbed into my arm, my leg, and my back. My back was the worst, I almost remember it looking like the stem of a rose. I remember that I could feel that as well, I tried to get help to pull it out when suddenly I switched into another view. I was suddenly watching it be pulled out of my back, seeing it pull my skin upward before and tugging before coming out. I don’t understand this or why I was able to actually feel it.

  7. I just woke up from a nightmare where there was a battle in what seemed like the medieval era. Every time I died I was a different person. This giant, skeleton man (reminiscent of a grim reaper) kept impaling people through the stomach on a long polearm and would lift them high into the sky until they slid down the polearm, at which point they died. Unfortunately I was inside them, seeing and feeling it first hand. I could hear the moment the weapon pierced their flesh and feel was sickening.
    What woke me up was the last person’s near death. At some point the reaper ended up with something on the tip of his spear that prevented this character (Nillen I think was his name) from being impaled, but it felt horrible..he was lifted high into the sky and I could feel the pressure against his skin and organs as the reaper tried to impale him, but this weird plastic like object kept it from actually killing him, so he started to bounce Nillen until it began to kill which point I woke up still being able to feel the phantom pain for a second still.
    This is one of the most disturbing nightmares I have had in a good long while, and I was watching The Office before bed, so i know it was not triggered by a show.

  8. I had a dream recently where I had pain in my right breast. I look and I have ten various objects sticking out of it. From needles to tooth picks-all horizontal five across two rows. The pain only set in when i went to remove them, and nothing had blood on it upon removal. I was confused as to how they got there, but I felt unsurprised none the less. Almost as if I knew they’d be there.

  9. I’ve had the same dream at least twice a month since I was a teen (i’m now 30) where I’m at home and need scissors to cut the tag off a new blanket and as I’m walking out of my kitchen I trip and land on the scissors that go in under my chin. I’m always alone in the house, and the initial fall doesn’t kill me but the bleed out over time does, which usually takes a good while and I struggle to reach a phone and I can’t speak because the scissors are lodged in my throat. its the same house every time I dream it, its not my actual home in reality but it is my home in the dream and I know where everything is. I’m always in the house myself when it happens, sometimes it changes slightly and Im in the house with someone and they pop out, other times I’m expecting company later that day and it happens, but its always scissors and always a blanket that I need them for.

  10. I have had dreams since childhood of flying then falling and being impaled on a sharp rock in my stomach. As a teen I’ve had variations of this including being shot 4-6 times in the stomach and spitting out silver bullets. As an adult I can’t remember having this dream again but it still haunts me I fear being pierced in my stomach still and become nauseated and sick when watching anything similar to stabbing, impaling, or piercing the stomach cavity. I sometimes hunt and fish with my family and get physically sick when exacting or watching the exact ion of the stomach or intestineso of game. Please help

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