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Immortal – If you dream of being immortal, this is a sign of feeling fearless, capable of accomplishing anything, and beyond the threat of harm. There is probably a large amount of pride and hubris associated with this view, which means that you should proceed with caution in making big decisions.

Alternatively, dreaming of being immortal may indicate a deep-seated fear of death or failure. If you dream that someone else is immortal, this is an indication that you feel intimidated by this person. If you dream that you fight this person and are unable to defeat or kill him or her, it is an indication that this person has become symbolic for you of a particular struggle or obstacle you face within yourself.

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  1. My dream is I was an immortal that is always on the earth to protect it from danger, there was 4 of us total, we could die but we would essentially dr who and regenerate with a different appearance and partial memory loss. There was ancient grounds in Scotland or Greenland or Iceland or something and I went there and I regained all of my memory when I touched the stone and then fought off shapeshifters with weird advanced weapons, it was like dr who mixed with the 4 horsemen in revelations, I think it’d make for a cool tv series or something.

  2. I had a dream I was diagnosed with brain damage and heart failure. The doctor said “you will live… Forever”

  3. Amanda Stalcup on

    This kinda helped. I had a dream where this guy kept shooting me and I wouldn’t die. I’d just come back after a few seconds. Weird.

  4. In my dream an immortal came into my life and told me I was an immortal and now that I had broken the seal of human dramas my energy was sending out an immortal signal… He said he was there to protect me and help me understand about the immortals, which he did…but then another immortal came to hunt him and take of his head to gain his power. The second immortal was not interested in my head only that of the immortal looking after me. I begged the second very strongly and I deeply felt it, not to take the first because I needed him. But my begging was unanswered and he whent off with the first and I woke up… After reading post I can understand a bit about this dream thanks

  5. Hey! Thanks, this makes my dream a lot clearer haha, but this is what happened in my dream (just the part about immortality): I dreamt that I was with a group of classmates, me and 4/5 others. But there was one kid who got murdered ( I don’t know how) And everyone felt like he was the best one of the team I guess. His body was sliced in two pieces. One upperpiece ( head, neck, and chest) and his lowerbody. After a short time his bodyparts were attracted to eachother and melt together again. And there he was again! But this time I felt like he was so strong, and manly, and it was tense… and now it was just him and me. He won every game for me ( yes we were in some sort of reallife videogame) and I was so nervous, so after he won a game; we kissed. like a little kiss but still. IT WAS SO WEIRD BECAUSE I SAW HIM IN CLASS TODAY. But the weird part is that he feels better than everyone else in real life too. so Idk how to interpretate this really.

    Thanks for listening :p

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