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Iguana – An iguana is a symbol of hardiness and survival in tough circumstances. IF you dream that you are an iguana, or are connected to an iguana in some way, it represents the feelings you have about your present situation. The iguana in your dream may be a reminder of the saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

It may also indicate a worry on your part that the difficult situation you find yourself in will make you hard and scaly, as it were, and limit your capacity for empathy and compassion. Alternatively, it may be a warning against such an occurrence.

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  1. Just woke up from a odd dream of a small iguana growing rapidly only 1 out of many not sure what it means.

  2. I had a dream of a beautiful multi colored purple iguana that kept trying to be near me. He kept coming towards me. At first I was afraid but then I realized he meant no harm. I thought maybe he was hungry so I went in search of food for him. I saw a small black furry spider with yellow dots on it. It scurried under a lawnmower. I turned over the lawnmower so the lizard could catch the spider. No spider but there were several worms inside the bottom of the lawnmower. I tried to pull a worm out but they were too slimy, I couldn’t, nor did I want to lol. After holding him for awhile my brother realized that he was injured in his front paw. One of his claws came out because it was injured. After I found out about his injury the lizard turned into a man. The man was about to leave my house thanking me for pulling out his injured claw. I wanted to feed him fruit. He said he just wanted to eat tangerines. So I found some tangerines. I said wait before you go I have one more thing. I went and got his some antibiotic ointment for his injury. He said thank you and I woke up.

  3. I had this dream than someone holding and iguana handing the iguana to and i took it and was holding it but, i am afraid to hold iguanas in a real life and now i really feel like i will not be afraid to hold one.

  4. I dream that i’m like Iguana….like mystique in x-men im copying any color of wall and metal and color of clothes and..copying a human form and pretending like him and rolling like a spider-man..web-shooter and jump in any building & go up in a wall of building

  5. I had my 1st dream about iguana just today. I was in my bedroom, this place looks like in a tropical resort. So I was on my bed sleeping then I heard my room door open and heard a weird noise came from an animal?, so I was shocked and jump out from my bed because I saw a big iguana walking towards my bed and it went on top of my bed and it look at me. I was leaning againts the wall and scream calling my dad that theres an iguana in my room! My dad heard me screaming and ask me to get out from there faster, so I ran away out from my room and poof! I’m awake from that dream. I just dont know why is it for the first time in my life I dreamt an iguana.

  6. Well I had the weirdest dream about a iguana in my living room where I have a chair and end table sitting in my dream the chair was moved up more and there was no end table there was blankets piled up against the wall and my daughter was sitting on them I was sitting in the floor not on the blankets my facing her my son was on the floor beside me facing my daughter and me it was like we was almost in a circle I guess but my son started looking for the iguana we noticed the blanket moving where my daughter was sitting we could see the shape of a iguana it was coming out from under the blanket slowly I started saying she had sit on it and squashed it it finally come all the way out we noticed something hanging from it I picked it up and I thought it was its guts coming out it was like swelling up in its stomach while something was hanging out then I was still saying its squashed she had sit on it and killed it squashed its guts out then the thing hanging out started to look like another iguana but with no skin it was blooding then it started screaming momma momma loud I mean loud and on the floor the big one was dying and the one screaming momma still hanging out only its head though but it was dreaming momma so loud it woke me up and I could still hear it and me awake until it faded out I was so scared I got up and checked on the kids and sit up can anybody tell me what this dream meant and why I could still hear it and me awake I was even thinking about a iguana or any kind of animal for that matter thinking about this dream scares me

  7. Prossineiky on

    In my dream the iguana was under water and a man was searching for it and i happen to help ,in a lake then after minutes of searching i finally i saw bubbles and it rose to the surface and walked out of the lake down a sunlit path n then i woke, interpretation please?

  8. I dream about i think it is a iguana and im curious coz that creatures want to bite me and im scared, it is the same dream about yesterday. May i have some dream interpretation about that.

  9. Just had a dream involving an iguana. Today i took the day off of work because i have been really dizzy because of sinus infection and since i work at tall heights i didnt think it was safe for me to be there. I came home and ate some leftover chili, passed out on my couch. I had left the tv on. I still hear the tv in my dream. So my dream starts out with me lightly rearranging my living room since i guess i upgraded my tv and got a new fish tank. I usually keep the living room dark with my blinds to keep costs of ac down during the day. I have noticed the fish tank on my living room table (i dont currently own any fish or a fish tank) was kinda cloudy and decided to take out the fish to clean the tank. I open the blinds and patio door, noticed an iguana at the base of the tree in front of my patio. j go to open the front door of my apartment. I noticed some kid standing there trying to sell me candy for school or something. I tell him sure while he steps in to pull out what he has to offer i grab something to sho the lizard away since he made his way up my stairs. I believe that i grabbed my daughters first bike with her training wheels attached that has been on my patio for awhile. I then start trying to push it away. It trying to enter the apartment so i run over its head with the wheels and since its a large iguana it takes a few times. The smell is enough to wake me up from my dream. Wendy williams is now on and she is talking about lamar odom being taken cared for by his kardashian wife. A little background i am currently separated from my wife, she claims to no longer watch the kardashians (i believe those women are the worst). I have been a cord cutter for about 5 months. When my wife left she of course took my daughter. We have gone through a lot of hard times together and it was abusive for both of us. I finally got tired of her manipulative and abusive ways and told her it was time to go. We havnt talked to one another in weeks. I wanted her to go to marriage counseling with me but her ego and pride always got in the way. I hate not knowing how my daughter is doing

    • This is the second iguana dream i had this week. I cant remember the first one mostly, i just knew i seen that same large slow moving iguana before. I last saw some iguanas at the pet store with my wife and daughter about 2 months ago. I was looking for a bunny for my daughter. I had once traveled to aruba with my first wife on our honeymoon it was actually the largest one i have ever seen. Just hanging out on a tree next to the hotel and street walking to the casino. It was almost the same size as the one in my dream.

      • My wife has been gone for about 1.5 months. Lives with her mom and since they have cable she probably keeps it on e! 24×7

        • The final straw was because i wanted her to have an easy day, i told her i wanted us to go out to eat that way she didnt have to do dishes after cleaning. (During the week she “cooks” which is fine cause i do all the actual cooking on the weekend) so tired from work i take a quick shower since it rained on me that day changed and left. Since it poured on me and my wife was tboned earlier in the year we pile into my work truck. While heading out to golden corral i had this epiphany that since my daughter doesnt show me the love or attention that she shows her mom that i wouldnt let it bother me no more because that as a father im not her friend but a role model for her that i work for her and her mom to keep them comfortable during the day so that she can spend all of my wifes time to love her back. I expressed this to my wife. She seemed to not be interested since my daughter was acting up. So we arrive to golden corral and her butt was soaked after she got out. She threw a bitch fit and was sooo embarrassed by that, at that point i didnt want to go in with a raging wife and decided to eat at home. We left. We argue all the way home and it starts to escalate and i advise her that she should go to her moms with that. She calls her sister and gathers all her stuff with my daughters stuff and leaves when her sister arrives.

  10. I dreamt that I was like in 04 or something and I think it was one of my song that was on top of me like on a leaf and it was just walking on top of the live basically and I was looking at it up and everytime we go over to leave I didn’t see anything like it was camouflaged and I would look under again and I song like the body moving slowly I don’t know what it means I wanted to know what it meant that’s about it thank you

  11. I dreamt I was in another world , it was really bright outside. I was walking and I looked down and there was an orange iguana inside of a plastic bag it was still alive. I went and tried grabbing it wondering why it was orange and in a plastic bag. it freaked me out I was felt it moving. I left telling myself what does an orange iguana mean in a plastic bag? Strange

  12. I dreamt I was in another world it was pretty bright outside. I looked down and saw an iguana in a plastic bag

  13. In my dream I’m always in the living room on my couch watching TV and my mom yells at me from the bathroom saying ” come look there’s an iguana in here”, in both occasions of having the dream I never went to check out the iguana. I want to know what it means. Am I running from a fear or is there something that I need to learn??

  14. I just woke up from a dream where I was in Australia (Never been there) and there was a couple members of my family there (they used to live there). Anyway, one of many animals appeared in that dream, one of which was the iguana. loads of them. They liked to fly around the room. But then one of them saw me, flew over to me, and kissed me on the cheek. Then flew away.

  15. I keep dreaming that iguanas have completely infested my car so i decide not to use my car and have my friend drive. While we’re inside though, the iguanas infest her car too. I’m not afraid of iguanas on real life but in the dream they real scare me. I don’t think this definition of the symbol fits my dream at all.

  16. I’ve been in an unusual relationship , i am 18 and live with my 30 year old boyfriend , most of the time its wonderful were healthy and active , we see eye to eye on most things but differ on a few key issues . my dad is moving and needed somewhere to stay for a month , we are all relatively understanding and forgiving people. I want to add that my dad has known my bf for at least 3 years now they are not strangers . anyway , i got upset last night and decided not to sleep in his bed , didn’t remember my dreams got up early he was at work so i moved the bed to be more comfortable and had this dream . was biking through my home town and it changed into a river walk , my older brother is with me , were on a 2 foot wide curvy sloped path along the river when it ends . we decide to wade upstream so he warns me about the iguanas , just a little ways in i step in a nest between some rocks that he quickly stuffs with seaweed . i look to my left and notice a more shallow side creek we can cross to avoid them . I go first and crawl up into a cramped wooden structure on the other side , i see a diseased looking rat and start banging on things to scare him away but he turns towards me and bites me twice on the right arm. i fight to wake up in a room i don’t recognize though it felt like mine , i notice that my clothes are tied up to the ceiling some how there are blind spots in my vision and i cant move. i hear a voice that i know was the rats but still cant recall what it said. and that’s when i woke back up in his bed . we are 11 years apart , Both year of the RAT. what are your thoughts on this ???

  17. I just dreamed about an iguana for the first time last night. He was in a cage and the owner promised there was no way he would get out of the cage, but as soon as I walked up to it the iguana escaped. Yesterday I just moved into my new house with 4 new roommates, 2 of which idk how well I will get along with. I’ve been worried about moving in with them it’s a new town and everything, I just don’t know if I’ll be happy; I guess that’s why the iguana was in my dream.

  18. I have been dreaming of an iguana all month same little guy.
    He is friendly and in a way connected to me. I have just fought a battle with my relationship
    and life is finally turning out positivley. It was hard at first and still going through the ‘lump’but getting better each day. The iguana only shows up when i dream of my current relationship.
    When he does show up, he usually walks away or is about to walk away but he never stays.
    This last dream I was at a friends wedding on a beach and a bird (dinosaur) had picked me up a few feet by accident. I hit the birds leg and she landed me back on the sand, I heard her voice apologize to me and tells me she tried to catch Coozoku or some weird name and I see her eyes on him and I turn, the iguana leaps out from my side onto a hill of sand. My husband walks up to me concerned and I tell him every things fine. I walk away this time.
    Dinosaurs – from a friend at church who has a great gift, told me they represent the past (makes sense)
    Filling the pieces…not a bad dream at all 🙂

      • I dreamt of Iguana last night. I was in a familiar rooftop looking at the roof of our old house with lots of flies. I hired someone on the spot (pops up in need) to get rid of the flies, then the girl climbed one of the trees, it was weird and skewed then shows me the iguana, in my head it looks just like a line with an eye, but I really feel and know that it was Iguana. Then I looked again at the rooftop with flies, then proceeds to instruct to get rid of the flies then I got down to the rooftop.

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