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Ignition – Dreaming about the ignition of a vehicle is a symbol which is connected to your motivation and ability to accomplish your goals and your control over your life. If you dream that you are turning the ignition of your car and it will not start, this is an indication that there is an obstacle that is preventing you from taking the actions you know to be necessary in your life right now.

This is indicative of a feeling of helplessness. If you dream that you turn the ignition of your car and it starts, even if it starts reluctantly, this is an indication that you are able to take actions and put circumstances in motion to work toward your goals.

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  1. I dreamt I was trying to turn my car off while it was parked in my friend’s shop, but if I turned the key to “off” it would only stay off for a few seconds before the engine would turn on again. Sometimes, even that wouldn’t work.

    I can’t find anything about a car not being able to be turned off.

  2. Julie Parker on

    I had an interesting dream that I got into a large burgundy convertible car and started it without the key. I drove of very fast feeling positive and euphoric. Then I realized it was not my car and tried to turn around to take it back. The owners were running towards me very anxious. I apologized and explained that I just got in the car and it started without a key. I told them I don’t steal and asked what I could do to make it up to them. They both shrugged their shoulders but did feel like they were mad.

  3. Three days ago I had a dream where my car wouldn’t turn on and I felt so frustrated. After a few attempt in my dream my car started working again. After that dream I had a feeling this was a sign to not give up and that all is going to be well. The funny thing was godur days later.. I moved to a new apartment that was a hastle and on top of that while getting the registration for my AC done, I go outside and my car wouldn’t start! Imagine it’s still not fixed!

  4. I had a dream that I was stuck at a party and my ex’s began showing up and when I got in my car to try and leave my car wouldn’t start. I am wondering if this means that my ex’s and lack of closure with them is keeping me from moving forward, or that I am stuck on them so I cannot ever become a stronger person until I leave them in the past…

  5. I am in my pick-up truck which is black and Im sitting in traffic on a main freeway somewhere, area doesnt seem familar but there are large green signs with some street name on it showing an exit coming up. Many vehicles are surrounding me of all types with people in them. Since I am not moving, I bend down real quick to get something and when I sit back up all the cars are gone including the people inside of them. The buildings and sidewalks and streets and what have you are all there I havent moved at all but every single vehicle and person in site have disappeared. The only thing that is in front of me is a gigantic fire truck and it had been at least 4 to 6 car lengths in front of me because all the cars in between the both of us disappeared causing a large gap.

    Surprised and Confused I try to take off and my car’s dead. I turn the key over and it won’t start. Its like some heavy duty electrical surge swiped out everything causing the malfunction of my vehicle. The fire truck in front of me is having the same problem and is confused as well. Somehow I know there’s only one person in that vehicle and it is a male but I don’t know what he looks like or who he is.

    So after some attempts to start the fire truck he gets the fire truck started and then I turn my ignition and my truck starts. Both of us are confused and shocked. He is looking in his mirror noticing I am the only one left besides him. My first thought is aliens came and took everybody away except for me and the firetruck for some reason. If you can explain this it would be much appreciated.

  6. I was following my sensei and parked behind him i had to back up so got back in my car but the ignition was covered in blue tak. I peeled this away then started the car.

  7. I’ve dreamt several times, maybe five or six different occasions where I self combust. And I always know its gonna happen about a split second before it actually does. I hear myself thinking or saying “oh know, it’s happening”, or it’s happening again., just I start to combust. And it feels as though I should know or I do know how to prevent it from happening., and yet i keep walking into/towards the thing that kicks off the self implosion, you know, Like a lesson learned, or an extreme and perverse version of getting ones’ fingers burnt.

  8. I went to buy something from a shop and when I finished buying, I entered my car, as I started the ignition, smoke was coming from a group of wires attached to the ignition and I thought I should call a mechanic. That was when I woke up.

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