Ignition Dream Symbol


Ignition – Dreaming about the ignition of a vehicle is a symbol which is connected to your motivation and ability to accomplish your goals and your control over your life. If you dream that you are turning the ignition of your car and it will not start, this is an indication that there is an obstacle that is preventing you from taking the actions you know to be necessary in your life right now.

This is indicative of a feeling of helplessness. If you dream that you turn the ignition of your car and it starts, even if it starts reluctantly, this is an indication that you are able to take actions and put circumstances in motion to work toward your goals.

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  1. I’ve dreamt several times, maybe five or six different occasions where I self combust. And I always know its gonna happen about a split second before it actually does. I hear myself thinking or saying “oh know, it’s happening”, or it’s happening again., just I start to combust. And it feels as though I should know or I do know how to prevent it from happening., and yet i keep walking into/towards the thing that kicks off the self implosion, you know, Like a lesson learned, or an extreme and perverse version of getting ones’ fingers burnt.

  2. I went to buy something from a shop and when I finished buying, I entered my car, as I started the ignition, smoke was coming from a group of wires attached to the ignition and I thought I should call a mechanic. That was when I woke up.

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