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Ice Skating – Ice skating is symbolic of graceful, free motion and the power and importance of inertia and balance. If you dream that you are ice skating proficiently, this is an indication of a deep confidence in your ability to accomplish your goals. Furthermore, you will accomplish them well and with ease, as long as you can keep your balance. Each action you take will push your project farther than you anticipate.

This is an auspicious sign that you will soon get to enjoy the magic of putting events into place and then watching them unfold as you planned. On the other hand, if you dream of struggling or falling while ice skating, this is an indication that you are not well connected with the grounding foundation for your endeavor, or that you are losing your balance somewhere in your life.

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  1. I was dreaming I was ice skating really good and fast with a friend and we wereholding on to each other. I felt so free and happy

  2. Violet carfer on

    I dreamt that I was ice skating with people I considered friends/teammates and that I was skating about average, I’m pretty sure myself and the team were training for our first official game. There was a male coach and I think he was yelling for us to get in shape or something along those lines. I slipped a couple of times but not enough to lose my balance but there was always a teammateby nearby or next to me I could steady myself on.

  3. In my dream, I was running from someone (no idea who) through what looked like a dormitory while wearing ice skates. I was looking cpr,something, grabbed clothes and then was arguing with a professor about him being completely wrong about his teaching. Then I was running up and down stairs and around corridors in the ice skates. It was cold. My feel were wet. I stopped in a pretty dorm room and grabbed a pink bottle of perfume and kept running away.

  4. charita parker on

    I am skating SOOOOOOOO fast and proficiently , around corners , jogs nothing can stop me . I don’t see my feet so I don’t know if I have ice skates or roller blades . It feels more like I am sking without skis. It is the same route in a city that I do not recognise but am I ever good AND fast . like a speeding bullet . I have this dream often.

    • I also have this dream. In mine, I can twirl and jump with no problem, and I am often laughing and going very fast.

  5. Natalie Rowland on

    My dream. I was skating on a Lake with people and they were talking to me while we were skating, they were happy and confidence in this dream, I couldn’t here what they were saying but we were happy but in some places on the Lake you knew not to skat on that part of the lake, it was like they were guiding me holding my was a Man a woman but it was a family, I couldn’t see kids but I knew they were older not sure but it was a family and then we were safe on land by a store.

  6. Suzanna parra on

    I’ve only ice skated before. I’ve truly only done this once or twice but only roller bladder my whole life. But ive dreamt of this forever.

  7. Suzanna parra on

    I can’t skate until things disrupt me but even than I find a a away to continue on. AND skate on gracefully.

  8. Well, this is somehow a similar dream, my dream… It was like this.

    I was walking at the shore, then for some reason i decided to go swimming and just when i noticed while walking to the sea, that i was standing on it and i can feel my feet slowly sinking. But when i tried to lift it and tried to step on the water. I can step on it but its still slowly sinking. So I tried running at first. Then stopped. Somehow it felt like i was gliding on the water. So there it happened I was gliding gracefully on the body of water and and there was a lot of people watching me. And I tried to grab one hand and I pulled him/her (i forgot the gender) and we enjoyed skating.

    And I really don’t know the meaning of it.

  9. This is good to know. I have not had a pair of ice skates on my feet in 20 years, but I often dream about ice skating extrmely well. Both being able to skate very fast with precision or able to figure skate. It’s a reoccurring dream that I have very often.

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