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Icarus Dream Symbol – The legend of Icarus is he flew too close to the sun using wings made from feathers and wax. He fell from the sky when the wax melted in the sun’s rays. Dreaming of Icarus is a dream of caution. Do not push your limitations too far without much certainty.

icarus-dreamsDo not be so confident you make poor choices. For if you do, there is disaster waiting. It is a time that when you make good choices the rewards are high. But the wrong choices will bring despair. Do not discount others’ opinions at this time.

Dreams of Icarus may also mean there are those trying to stop you with their negativity. They may be messing with your head. Filling it with negativity. It is your choice to allow them in. If you let them bring you down, you may never fly high enough to achieve your dreams. Is this what you want for yourself and your life for the rest of eternity?

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