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Ibis – The ibis is a sacred symbol of protection and luck. To dream about the ibis represents a period in your life where you will be safe from all harm and disease. If you have recently been worried about starting a project because of the possibility of sickness, for example during the flu season, then dreaming about this bird is a sign that you will be healthy and not contract the disease until the project is completed, if ever. Because of its sacred nature, the ibis can be considered to be a totem that brings luck and happiness wherever it is seen.

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  1. I had a weird dream that had 2 ibis birds in it. I was sitting outside my towns local library while a black ibis bird slept on my shoulder, it was weird, then a white ibis bird walked up to me and stared at me with one eye. It pupil dialated and i felt as if I was zooming up or moving closer to the birds eye until the dream ended.

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