Hyena Dream Symbol


Hyena – Dreaming of a hyena is a symbol of greed, cruelty, and a generally unsavory character. If you dream of touching a hyena, this means that someone will soon come into your life whom you cannot trust. On the other hand, if you dream that you yourself are the hyena, this indicates a fear or even an honest realization that this fact is true about yourself, and you need to work on this fault of yours.

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  1. I had a dream and i saw in the street several hyenas all over there and at least two of them, sit infront of my house so i couldn pass to reach my apartment. i was extreamly petrified and then finally two hyenas cubs approached me and i tried to stop them but they didnt get back.

  2. Glen M. Nephali on

    Hi! Guys I had a dream my father owned several hyenas which he kept them at our home fenced near the driveway. suddenly I went out of the yard only to come back and find that my father has left leaving behind his hyenas, when I ask my mother she told me that my father had to leave. my thoughts where now what will we do with this hyenas?

  3. Hi I had A dream this hyena suddenly appeared at the door of a house I was in and I had to not be afraid and quickly I grabbed it and threw it out shutting the door behind it and holding the handle up so it couldn’t reenter. I suspected someone in the house put the hyena there to get me? not sure what this means except it wasn’t my flesh and blood family in the house either

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