Hybrid Being (Monster) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


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Hybrid Being Dream Meaning – Dreams of hybrid beings are dreams of monsters. These can represent feelings repressed deep within your soul. This may be a time they are clawing their way to the surface. You need to meet them head on to kill them off once and for all.

hybrid-being-dreamsAlternatively, it is a warning you are going the wrong way. You are heading down the wrong path. You need to change direction quickly before it completely destroys you. It may be the warning is about a bad habit that does you no good. What can this mean? Do you smoke or drink too much? Or, can you be a nasty gossip at times? It can also mean, monster-like hybrid beings can represent childhood fears. Do you have a fear of failure? Do you have a fear of death and dying? Were you subjected to bullying as a child that can be at the root of your fear? It can be these are the monsters of your past visiting for resolution.

Dreaming of a hybrid being chasing you can mean there is some sort of bad news coming your way. Killing a hybrid being means you will overcome all challenges and enemies to achieve your dreams. A hybrid being appearing in your dreams can mean you have made things in your waking life larger than they are. The creature may represent your stress. Your constant worrying. It can also mean you have little self-confidence. Your emotions may be out of control. Vanquishing the being means you will vanquish your fears with some hard work.

Dreams of hybrid being often represent the negativity and fears that live within you. Your personality traits, thoughts, beliefs, habits, and any other negative things about you. It is a warning there is work to do before you can move forward.

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  1. i dreamt i returned to a hospital i visited in another dream long ago, this one was the usual all white with wall-sized floor to ceiling plate glass windows, soundproofed in multiple layers, overlooking a concrete garden with plants installed here and there between the walkways of the concrete canyons formed by the various hospital buildings. i was in the breakroom at a stove cooking some odd footstuffs in a frying pan including one whole egg the size of a bowling pin in diameter, though about a third of the length, still a big one. i was wondering to myself why i had not cracked the eggs and cooked what was inside it when i got distracted by something and turned around, and when i turned back the egg swelled up to twice its normal size and got very lumpy, next thing i knew it cracked wide open and inside was a tawny hybrid creature, half hare and half duck, with pale brown eyes that stared at me. i immediately lifted it out of the hot pan and onto a cooler red bathtowel, it continued staring at me impassively. then i went across the hall to another duty section, i spoke with the receptionist sitting out front, exotic in appearance with black military moustache and haircut, he told me it was close to quitting time, then i noticed lots of women in families walking back and forth to this office and that, all were dressed in summer pastel clothing, shorts.

  2. I had a dream that there was this bird with the head of a man with a beak and very large wings. Me and my Two kids were standing face to face with it and it opened it wings really big and began to chase us. We were in this dark wooded scary forest and as it begin to chase us we started running. I felt fear and was scared. We was climbing over logs, rocks, swimming through swamps and everything trying to get away and at the end of the forest we seen light and we followed it until we got to this opening that was no longer surrounded by trees and darkness and I felt peace again and we ran on this solid concrete platform where this giant man was standing guarding this gate but it was beautiful and peaceful compared to the dark forest and I woke up out my dream crying. Can someone please tell me what this means

  3. I dreamed that I was in my mother’s kitchen, the same house I grew up in. She showed up with a bird creature that stood upright like a human about 4’6″ tall and didn’t have wings. It wasn’t a pet but more like an adopted sibling of some sort. It charged at me clawing at me and trying to bite me with a very big beak and as it was trying to claw me it’s long claw like finger nails kept breaking off. It seemed unhealthy/malnourished and like it was attacking me out of fear, not malice. Nonetheless, that dream freaked me out. Anybody have a similar dream?

    • Yeah, I was at the beach at night with some friends and a mangy looking bird person attacked one of them. It was like a contagious disease. Eventually my friend had the head of a bird with big round yellow eyes and chased the rest of us into a garage, clawing at the door and screeching like a maniac. I could go more into detail but you get the point. It’s a very troubling dream to have.

      • We had a private beach behind our house when I was growing up. So now that I think of it, mine was also in a setting where i grew up.

  4. Decontee Williams on

    I had a dream about me and my childhood family living in the house that I grew up in. We were all having fun talking , laughing , telling jokes and eating until suddenly two monsters came. They were attacking everyone killing them. In my dream I was so scared I didn’t know what to do until I suddenly saw a bathtub hidden in plain sight. I walked over to it and decided to hide inside of the tub but the monsters smelled me. They had sharp claws and a smirky smile . They walked over to me once they found me they started tearing my stomach apart eating only my babies ( in my dream I was pregnant with twins ) I was so scared. I don’t know what this means

  5. I was awoken suddenly by my wife about 10 minutes after falling asleep. She says I was in distress and going on about a half cat half cow barrier standing in my way. I do not recall any of this conversation. There is a long story of things being “weird” around me for the last few years. I have no idea what this means but I really think it is important. I could really use some help.

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