Hurricane Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Hurricane – Hurricanes and any sort of natural disaster are a dream symbol of an enormous and faceless threat that you fear completely overwhelming and destroying your life as you know it. This dream may indicate that an actual hurricane threatens you, but it more likely indicates a simple insecurity in your life and home.

hurricane dreamsDreams that feature hurricanes often indicate feelings of being out of control and unable to cope with certain emotions. Perhaps you have been keeping your emotions bottled up and have failed to find an outlet that you can express yourself. Are you prone to emotional outbursts or are you in control of your emotions at all times?

If you are living in a hurricane area like Florida, then this dream could be a reflection of a real life fear that you have regarding this natural disaster. This is especially true if you see a hurricane warning on TV and you go to bed thinking about it.

While home is supposed to be a haven from the dangers of the world, if your home does not feel safe to you, it is easy to feel that nothing is secure. Dreaming that a hurricane threatens your home is an indication of how you feel about your innermost self – your goals and dreams, your relationships, and your day-to-day life.

Additional Meanings

hurricane-dreamsWhen a hurricane blows into your dreams you can expect sudden changes to hit you unexpectedly with full force. You may be going through an emotionally destructive time. Dreaming of a hurricane approaching can mean there is more sadness coming your way.

You may already be overwhelmed with emotions and this will just make things worse. It may even leave you feeling devastated. It can also mean someone is manipulating you to suit their agenda. Being blown away by a hurricane can mean that you may have bottled up your emotions and they are ready to explode. You need to take time out to reevaluate your life.

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  1. Hi Stephen,

    I had a dream last night and a hurricane is involved. We we’re in a resort in my dream. I was just worried because I’m not the only one in the scene. My whole family was there. I saw the hurricane coming towards me and I was afraid for my family. But when the hurricane is already on top of me, I saw that I am in the center and the hurricane stops to blow a strong wind. But then i was still worried for my family that’s why I stepped out in the center and I went to my family seeking for a safe place for us. WHAT’S THE MEANING OF MY DREAM.

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