Hunting Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Hunting Dream Symbol – To dream of hunting is a sign that you are resourceful about acquiring the things you need in life and are unafraid to do what it takes to get them. You have to be savvy and patient to be successful at hunting, and your dream may be indicating your need to develop these skills in order to achieve your goal.

On the other hand, when hunting, you are harming another creature in order to fulfill your own needs. The hunting dream may, therefore, be an indication to you about this aspect of yourself, and you need to examine whether you want to be ruthless in this manner.

Dreaming of hunting can mean you are looking for a solution to either an emotional or physical problem. You may even be trying to win the love of someone. Hunting and killing an animal can symbolize your attempt to repress an integral part of your character. What part of yourself are your trying to destroy?

Seeing someone hunting an animal can suggest there is a hidden part of yourself you are trying to unlock. Maybe there is someone or something you have trouble understanding and try to find a new way to approach the situation. Dreaming of being hunted can mean you are overwhelmed by the obstacles that keep coming your way. Stay calm. Work through each one logically. This can be a lesson to test whether you have learned past lessons.

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  1. I was in a pitch black house, but I could feel inside myself that I was hunting these two people down. Like a killer. I was trying to kill them. But I had no weapons. It was just the sounds of them hiding in fear. Kind of like a horror movie. Then when I found them I began to scream at them to stay in the kitchen where they were and not to open the door. It was just so real I knew I was going to kill them I could feel all the emotions. Then when I knew they were not going to move I ran out the back door of the house and on to a green field that is a green field I use to play on as a child in my mums street. I started to cover my body in the grass trying to hide myself in a panic. Even tho I didn’t kill them I knew I was going to and the panic must have made me just panic. So I throw all the grass around me and fall asleep. I wake up on this field and walk over to my mums house. Where my family are and my boyfriend. And he is freaking out because I didn’t sleep in our flat and I didn’t sleep in my mums so where was I. But I couldn’t explain to him I was in a random dark house hunting down two people.
    This is the strangest dream I have ever had.

  2. I had a dream I was hunting, but I was an animal, on all fours high in a tree. In my dream I could tell it was nighttime but I could still see clearly. I was stalking a large elk/deer type creature with large antlers. I remember pouncing on him and digging my claws and teeth into it. I woke up the freaking adrenaline rush that I was feeling, my heart was pounding and in my dream I felt so alive. Can anyone help me understand it?

  3. What does it mean when dream of hunting amimals, shoot them and then when you take a closer look at your kill it’s not the animal you shot but instead a person, not known to the hunter, a complete stranger?

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