Hummingbird Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Hummingbird Dream Symbol – A hummingbird is a lucky omen and an auspicious dream symbol. The hummingbird symbolizes grace and cheerfulness, and its quick motions cause it to be symbolic of working quickly and effectively to accomplish your goals. If you are visited by a hummingbird in your dreams, you can be sure that good luck is coming to you soon.

If you dream that you are a hummingbird, this means that you have a great deal of freedom and a high level of self-actualization. Make sure that you turn that energy to good effect by keeping your mood high, and do not let yourself become worn out by trying to do too much too fast.

Broad-Billed Hummingbird (Male), Santa Rita Lodge, Madera Canyon, Near Green Valley, Arizona

Broad-Billed Hummingbird (Male), Santa Rita Lodge, Madera Canyon, Near Green Valley, Arizona

Hummingbirds can live a long life of up to 10 years and their wings beat so quickly they appear to stay still suspended in flight. She is incredibly resilient and brings joy to the world. Hummingbird shows that when you focus you can work quickly and effectively to achieve success.

A visit from a hummingbird is a good omen. She brings grace, joy, and love to your heart. Her visit lets you know good luck is on the way.

Hummingbird Dream Interpretations

Hummingbird brings messages that even small ideas and things have great power. Do not be too quick to dismiss things before you take a closer look. She can visit your dreams at times to remind you about frivolous thoughts and ideas. It is alright to daydream but it will not help you reach success. You need to motivate yourself into action. Do you have trouble committing? Do you flit from one thought or idea to another without stopping to see it through? Are you afraid to commit?

Dreaming of a hummingbird drinking the sweet nectar from flowers can represent the good things in life. Her message could be that you will soon be enjoying these. Alternatively, you may be overdoing your indulgence in luxuries. Is there someone around you that you allow to influence your love of luxury? Do you overindulge in life’s luxuries even when you cannot afford them?

Hummingbird teaches endurance with her ability to hover suspended mid-flight so she can gather each flower’s nectar. This takes great skill, energy, and endurance. This can symbolize that even though you think you are not making progress, you are. There are times where there are natural lulls in the order of things or you need a break to rejuvenate. This can be a reminder not to wear yourself out doing too much too quickly. You will see and feel visible progress soon. Have patience.

Hummingbirds also symbolize freedom through your own accomplishments. When you work hard for success it gives you self-confidence knowing you can do things yourself.

When Hummingbird crosses your path

Hummingbird crosses your path to let you know to live life to the fullest. Life may become a very fast pace but do not forget ‘to stop to smell the roses’.

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  1. Susmita Puri on

    I had a dream that I was going to take a picture with my friends in this beautiful garden, full of flowers, so I picked a location that had good sunlight but the photographer told us to move to a different location, as we were about to move to a different place across the street, I sighted an army of hummingbirds flying and filling the entire street some heading toward me, as I noticed some were going in a different direction. It was like an intersection of hummingbirds but without the traffic lights. At first, I was kind of afraid of seeing all those hummingbirds, but I had to get to my destination to take a perfect picture [haha]. Still, afraid that I might step on them although they flew around my waist, I tried to walk at their pace and followed the direction of the hummingbirds that were heading to my destination, and somehow I crossed the road with hummingbirds and came to my destination and as soon I could remember my grandma was taking my picture. [lol]

  2. I had a dream of two hummingbirds with a mission to get to me behind some form of a patio screened area (In a wilderness area). They both poked holes and broke through the screen, then flew up to my face to either try to feed me or drink my saliva (weird I know). I definitely don’t know what to make of it, but felt like they had to reach me and meant no harm.

  3. I dreamt two hummingbirds inspecting a flower next to me, one turned to me, gave my arm a poke with its beak in an unsure manner then the other flew over and landed on my arm. The hummingbird that poked me then did the same. There was one on each arm for a short moment.
    Also at the start when i first noticed them i felt like i was staring at them long enough untill their wings stopped moving and were down by thier sides as if they were floating around without even using their wings. As the first one turned to me their wings returned to their normal flapping motion hough.

  4. I had a dream last night that there was a tiny hummingbird in the house and it came and landed on my finger and just stayed there for awhile. I remember being very happy.

  5. I had a dream last night that there was a beautiful artistic set of branches which werent connected to a tree. It was decorative. Sitting in it was a small nest. As I came closer there was a mother hummingbird laying with 5 or 6 babies nestled into her. There was one hummingbird sitting on the edge of the nest and another hovering above.

  6. Mary-anne A on

    I have been looking for an interpretation for a hummingbird feede. In my dream I had a light coloured hummingbird visit me and after the visit I had quite a few images of hummingbird feeders. Would or Could someone help me what this dream symbolises. Please and thank you very much.

    • I had a dream last night that I woke up from my bed and my room was a garden. Inside this garden were about 6 or 7 green hummingbirds just fluttering around drinking nectar. I remember feeling calm and at peace and just genuinely happy. My 4 year old daughter came in and tried to catch one, I told her to stay calm and quiet and just watch them. She did. Eventually they fluttered away but one flew to me and landed on my arm. I swear it felt like it was trying to calm me and say shhhhh everything will be alright. Then I woke up.

  7. I dreamt of a beautiful hummingbird. Everyone adored it. I reached out my hand; wanting the gentle bird to rest its feet on my fingertips. I was saddened when it flew to my sister instead of me. She held it in her hand. So proud that she caught something so incredibly glorious. She wanted to show everyone but, as soon as she showed the hummingbird to my mother the petite bird collapsed in her hands when she tried to release it. Everyone one around her was disgusted that it had died in their presence. I felt broken in the dream. Tears just seemed to comfort me at that time. I was so sad that the delicate bird was now gone.

  8. Jason Barnes on

    I dreamt a hummingbird had an egg on my chest , so I tried to make a nest on low ground but it was too soft and eroded away , so I put it on steeper, higher ground and the hummingbird tried to lay next to it but looked uncomfortable on the steep cliff side finally made it a next on ground just right then woke up. Hope he likes it , what does this dream mean ?

    • Mary Grace Manlapaz on

      I dreamed of a gymnast using two beautiful hummingbird in her practice. Then a green colored hummingbird landed on my palm. I was so surprised and happy and I hold it so gently while playing around my hand until it flew away.

  9. Last night I dreamt I was in my room with my dad and stepmom talking about moving in together to help a win-win situation financially and my stepmom said “look! A hummingbird!” I flew to me and landed on my head. What does that mean?

  10. I had a dream about a hummingbird attacking me. I dreamt that it kept sticking its beak through my hand, like it was stabbing at me, as I was trying to protect myself. Then I grabbed it’s body to try to kill it, but I couldn’t bring myself to harm it as it kept stabbing through my hand. I didn’t kill the hummingbird. What does this mean?

  11. I had a very vivid dream last night where I was in a lagoon type setting surrounded by lush greenery and aqua fresh water. There were friends and a couple of family members in the area. I remember seeing many humming birds flittering around and diving down to the water to drink. I could even hear their tiny voices peeping as they flew around us. It filled me with such joy and calmness. I don’t know what this means but it left me with wanting to return to that area when I woke up.

  12. Last night I dreamt I found a hummingbird nest in the tree right outside my front door. When I woke up I went to look in the tree, and there it was. A little nest with a hummingbird arranging itself. We had a nest in the same tree a few years ago. The new one is about a foot away. What does this premonition mean? The last month has been one of uncertainty and anguish, especially when it comes to our home. I am being threatened with eviction after 17 years. I don’t even know why the new management has decided to try and get rid of us. I hope this is a sign of better days on the horizon.

  13. Hello,
    I was looking up dream interpretaion for my aunt who dreamt she had a hummingbird crossed with a lilac breasted roller in a cage poking a humming bee. She said she felt panicked because she realised she had never fed this bird but a voice reassured her that they were being fed.
    What is interesting is that her husband passed away on the 17th of Jan last week, the day you commented.
    I wonder what this means.

  14. I had a dream that I holding 3 hummingbirds. They were fluttering their wings. I could feel the vibration in my hand. They stayed together in a triangular pattern. I just was holding them and thinking how cool it was.

    Side note my husband passed away about 6 months ago. There was a hummingbird that would visit my husband outside. Sometimes the hummingbird would leave and come back with a company.
    We have one child, a daughter. So just the 3 of us

    • Hello,
      I was looking up dream interpretaion for my aunt who dreamt she had a hummingbird crossed with a lilac breasted roller in a cage poking a humming bee. She said she felt panicked because she realised she had never fed this bird but a voice reassured her that they were being fed.
      What is interesting is that her husband passed away on the 17th of Jan last week, the day you commented.
      I wonder what this means.

  15. I had a dream that I had humming birds attacking me but I ran my fingers through my hair behind my head and felt a big spider in my hair. I started panicking and pulled it out of my hair and the humming bird wasn’t attacking me it was protecting me from the spiders but it killed the spider by sucking the spiders insides out. What does that mean please help I don’t really ever remember dreams but this one stuck out to me

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