Hugging Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Hugging Dream Symbol РHugs are a powerful gesture for people to share and even a means of physical healing. To dream of hugging is a sign of personal connection and love.

Your subconscious may be telling you that what you need to get through this point in your life is this deep connection with another person, as exemplified in a physical gesture of love and healing.

A hug is a deeply positive dream symbol, and the person you hug in your dream is someone you probably want to have a deeper relationship with.

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  1. i had a dream last night…i went to my ofc to meet my crush…whn i was leaving the ofc at that tym we both were holding each others hand…n i don’t wanted to leave his hand….after that i ask him for a hug….we wre just about to hug…n then my ex boss came n then we stop.

  2. i dreamed, some one gave me a gift , a ring , at the first
    i thought it is worthless and , when I come back hone, i found it is very very very expensive , and as much as it is valuable i can not explain it
    can you tell the interpret, please thank you very much

  3. Nikita Singh on

    Last night I dreamt of hugging someone I haven’t met once, i know this person, but, when he leaned forward to hug me, i could not see his face, the hug was rather tight and he was stay with me a long how would I interpret this dream

    • I had a dream about being hugged from behind by man and I was overwhelmed by the feeling of love but I didn’t see his face , what does that mean?

    • Same thing happened with me but I dream I was pulled him and hugged me he’s friend with one of my common friend I never interacted with him personally

  4. Last night I dreamt of hugging someone I have only met once, i know this person, but, when he leaned forward to hug me, i could not see his face, the hug was rather tight, yet as soon as the hug was over, he took off around a corner and then i woke up. How would I interpret This dream?

    • i saw someone which I love him , hug me very deep, and I was very relax , when he hug me , it was good

      I dream a guy who I love him , and I can not see him , hugs me , at that moment I had great feeling about him, and i felt relax , with him.

    • i dreamed, some one gave me a gift , a ring , at the first
      i thought it is worthless and , when I come back hone, i found it is very very very expensive , and as much as it is valuable i can not explain it
      can you tell the interpret, please thank you very much

  5. In my dream there was this boy (who I know) who was crying and I went to him and started hugging him and told him everything is going to be okay and when we finally looked at each other it was my boyfriend and in my dream I was upset that it wasn’t the other boy…

  6. I dream that I was asleep in bed then another version of me walked towards me and hoped in bed and started to hold me and hugged me while I slept then I woke up from that dream I have no idea what it meant I never really usually see myself in dreams usually..

  7. Trixie Cooper on

    No sense to me, because a person who is hugging is a women I just know by my previous fiance, their just a friend of them how ever is my hobbies to give me a hug in real life everytime
    I saw them! I don’t know because my fiance and he’s son turn down my enemy. It’s have a different interpretation maybe being friendly in a dream is opposite side of the reality they might be both good behind my back…

  8. I’m confused by the interpretation: “Your subconscious may be telling you that what you need to get through this point in your life is this deep connection with another person…” What does it mean by “get through”? I have a deep connection to the person that I hugged in my dream in waking life. And I noticed the connection the day I met them. It makes no sense to me why I feel so deeply connected to them. And it has plagued my mind for over 5 years now.

  9. Laura May Duchesne on

    I had a dream this morning about my mother I don’t know if this is the first time I have truly dreamt about her. The part I can remember vividly is me trying to ask her for a hug and she reluctantly walked towards me and barely come to me I held her at arm’s length and said maybe this is one of the reasons we have so many problems all I wanted was your affection. That’s all I remember I continue to dream about something else and slept all the way till 12 o’clock which I haven’t done in a long time.

  10. I had a dream last night that my current partner was in a prison cell. I don’t know why he was there. I felt a deep sense of sadness seeing him in there, because he looked like a broken man. So I gave up my freedom to join him in there, where I cradled him to give him comfort.

    I don’t often dream of people in my life, so was interested in what it meant?

  11. Your CommentE get one old woman for my dream today…. She like me so much (natural likeness.. No hard feelings) she is so old… Any time she sees me, she will hug me (embrace me) that was how she do anytime she saw me… And she was so happy… She now saw me with a girl (debby) and asked… Is that the girl you love? (Wanna marry) I now said yes… She now said she is so beautiful and nice.. That if I love something I should do anything to get that thing… Even if is to kill any one that’s preventing me of having that thing… I now smile… She now left… We now saw again… She hug me (embrace) and give me biscuit to eat.. I collected it… (Don’t remember if I ate it or not). Then she now left… I now meet one old woman I knew back then in my former neighbourhood when I was coming out in one bush like that… She now saw me and hug me (embrace) we greeted and she left… I now wake up…

    What does it mean.


  12. Do you have any idea of what does it mean if you hug a person, but in a complete darkness, yet you still know who that person is?

  13. I had dreams every now and than a beautiful young girl hugging me saying it will be fine than I wake up to knowing she now where to be found and its amazing that my insticts had let me to no source or answer that I’ve been looking for

  14. My boyfriend is in jail and I’ve dreamed about him twice in six months. The last dream seemed and felt really. It was simple yet intimate and satisfying. There was so kiss or sex. Just a nice , long and strong. Like I could feel it in reality… Not sure what it means but it made me feel so good after waking up.

  15. I had a dream my twin sister left her bf for this guy that had a toddler. She held the toddler that was at least 1 or 2 yrs old. she handed him to me i was gonna give him to my boyfriend to hold, the toddler turned around and gave me an enormously tight hug got up and smiled at me and hugged me tightly once more and i rubbed his back and he didnt want to let go of me. It felt so nice and so real for this child to embrace me and hold onto me like that. I just wanted to know what does that dream define or mean?

  16. breanna martinez on

    I keep having a reoccuring dream with a girl i have feelings for and it begans with me seeing her and as she begans to leave i then run to her with open arms and tell her how i feel its happened to me 3 times already

  17. I had a dream I was at a store n I see ex coworkers I haven’t talked to or seen, I see my ex watching me talk to him , so I say hi to the guy I worked with n tell him I have to go I hugged him he hugs me back hold me tight , well my ex watching me ,I wake up don’t understand my dream….

  18. I was dreaming I was in a market I don’t know why then I see my old chrush so I go and say hi to him then he graves me and hugs me for so long and tite then I woke up I have not seen him in a long time hope he is ok

  19. SatinBeanTaliana on

    My dream was me just sleeping in bed or at least just laying down awake and suddenly a guy that (I don’t know )with a beige suite of some sort hugged me to the edge of the bed where I then knew I was going to fall and I fell ofcourse.
    *while this was happenining I knew that he was nervous or something that’s the feeling that image dream gave me *
    So yea .. I don’t know I am confused about the interpretation with hugging and falling from the bed due to a hug . Hmmm

  20. I had a dream where I was in a book store and I saw this couple who were teens and he was hugging her from behind. He was taller than her so it looked really cute and I was like “I wish I had someone like that” then all of a sudden I feel someone hugging me from being and he was taller than me. I had this weird feeling that he was my boyfriend in the dream. And we just kept walking around like that and I really felt like someone was hugging me when I woke up.

  21. kaye angeles on

    I dreamt of my friend he came to me and held my hands and hugged me.i really felt it was real even the feelings i have for him when we were in college time.I really hope that someday we could meet again.

  22. I’ve had a lot of dreams about hugging guy friends. They always feel warm and peaceful. I’ve always felt like I wanted a close relationship with peers ever since I was six. I had 3 sisters at the time and had no friends who were boys. I’ve always been searching for a place to fit in to feel comfortable with. Throughout the years I’ve made friends and have been a part of groups, but they always end after a few years. I feel as though these life experiences have contributed to these dreams.

  23. Yesterday I woke up still dreaming,… ( I know , sounds crazy as the dickens)…. I was hugging and being held by my MOM! I did not see her face, but I had the feeling that confirmed it was her, I felt her arms around me,…. (she passed away in 1981) it was so real for an instant, then, for some reason, I realized that she was shorter than I remembered,… and then,,,…. I woke up!……………… Poooooooooooo! “Thanks for stopping by mom! I love and miss you! “

    • I dream a guy ilike hugs me behind, held his hand on my shoulder while we are lying ang put his arms o my shoulders what does it mean

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