Hugging Dream Symbol


Hugging – Hugs are a powerful gesture for people to share and even a means of physical healing. To dream of hugging is a sign of personal connection and love. Your subconscious may be telling you that what you need to get through this point in your life is this deep connection with another person, as exemplified in a physical gesture of love and healing. A hug is a deeply positive dream symbol, and the person you hug in your dream is someone you probably want to have a deeper relationship with.

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  1. I dream about 2 people hugging me one of them is my frend and the other he go to my class.but idk what this mean? Like one of them hug me in my neck and yea I was shock cause I met him and it was a few day ago and he never hug me

  2. I had a dream that a big dog with white and litle brawn colour with many hair comming infront of me while i bend dawn and open my hand for hugg and the dog hugg me and shaking his tail

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