Howling Dream Symbol


Howling – To dream of a howling dog or other animal is a sign of approaching danger. You should take this dream symbol as a warning. The howling animal may be a spirit guide, or it may be the internal guide and instinct for self-preservation that we all have. In addition, it may also itself be a danger coming to threaten you.

Howling is a lonely sound that strikes fear into humans’ hearts. Watch to be sure that you are not having to face adversity alone, because you may fail and be harmed. Take the warning of the howling as a sign to gather trustworthy friends around you to support you in the difficult time to come.

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  1. I had a dream that I was walking at school and there was this husky that walked past me and walk a little further and sat in front of me with its back to me and started howling and the dream just kept repeating with me walking but the dog already laying down howling with its back to me. Someone please explain.

  2. I saw in my dream that my dog was howling and calling me then he started calling me with other dogs and asked them to howl and call me because he did not want me to leave him and when I went to see him he was howling and hugged me with tears in his eyes … What does it mean please tell me

  3. Ronald Manges on

    In my dream I heard a howling dog and when I sought out the howling literally found a dog that looked like a sheep’s body with a dog head, I went into the house and as I was telling my late stepfather about it I pushed the door shut and when I looked out the door window the dog was viciously growling and changing into different breeds of dog while attacking the door trying to get into the house. first, it changed to a Rottweiler then hound, then a blood red poodle so vicious and its attack seemed to be directed at me, but it couldn’t get at me through the door. very frightening dream.

  4. Howling wolf on

    What does it mean if I’m the howling wolf in my dream and calling my pack? Am I dangerous or am I gonna cause troubles?

  5. I recently was jolted out of a dream by the sound of a howling dog. However, when I awoke, both of our dogs were still asleep. I had dreamed this. What’s even weirder is that my boyfriend, who was next be me had been awakened by howling in his dream moments before I awoke. He saw me awaken and could verify that there was no howling in conscious life just before I awoke.

  6. It was my own dog howling. My dog is a beagle and she was howling bevause she found my best friend during a fire.

  7. Thank you, only it seem more like a howl with the dog or wolf with his head down telling me to get up now, and I do. Please what does this mean? His has happen 2 other time already.
    I am a nature lover and love animals it is telling me something but not sure yet.

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