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House Dream Symbol – A house in your dreams can mean many things. It can mean you my feel insecure because of the actions of another person. Owning the house brings you good financial news. You are setting yourself up for the future.

A house on fire brings a warning there is danger around you. Take a closer look. You may need to take steps to protect yourself. Seeing your house in ruins symbolizes how a real life situation may end or someone close may become ill. Seeing someone else’s home ruined indicates long running arguments with neighbors.

house-dreamsA dream of buying a house indicates you have a healthy outlook. You plan for a stable future. But you may like taking short breaks from everyday responsibilities. Building a house indicates your hard work pays off. You have confidence in your abilities. You are not afraid of trusting yourself to achieve successful outcomes. A house set in the country means you can relax for a while. There will be no financial pressures for some time. Cleaning your house means you are clearing out the old and unused to make way for new joy and opportunities.

Seeing another person in your house can mean you may need to make an effort to communicate with others. Dreaming of moving house means you need to follow your heart. You may be involved in lots of interesting things, but you may need to change direction right now. An empty house in a dream signifies unfulfilled dreams. It can even symbolize living close to the poverty line. Seeing lightning hit a house can mean there is something in your future that needs closer questioning. Not all may be as it seems.

Additional Meanings of House

According to Carl Jung’s version of dream analysis, a house often symbolizes one’s psyche or self. The layout and condition of the house are analogue for the condition of one’s identity. What is the state of your house in your dream? It is a brand new, shiny, well-kept, modern house? Or is it or old and dilapidated? If your house represents you, how you see the house in your dream describes how you see yourself.

A house needs attention. It must be adequately maintained and kept in order for it to function well.  A house that falls into disrepair is usually one that doesn’t get the attention necessary or is abused by its inhabitants. There is a house in every town that has been abandoned.

Because of the lack of attention, it begins to disintegrate.  The life has left the house, so to speak. It is interesting, because other houses in the same area may have had not much more maintenance on them than the abandoned house.  But, because no one is living there or paying attention to it, it begins to break down very rapidly.  In our dreams, a house that is abandoned symbolizes that we feel lost and unimportant.

All manner of problems in a house indicate issues related to our feelings of well-being. The colors of the house tend to amplify or diminish this.  In theory, a house should be our solace, our safe place, the place where we feel at home. When the house is not welcoming or warm, this directly impacts our emotions.  A leaky roof would indicate depression.

Water running off the roof signifies tears or crying.  A house with holes in the walls would indicate a lack of self-esteem.  A house whose structure is unsound or damaged throughout could indicate exposure to abuse of some sort, either physical or emotional. Neglect is also a type of abuse. Depending on whether or not you dream of your childhood home or your current house, this would represent whether the mistreatment is in the past or present.

When you dream of a house, standing alone with nothing else around it, this indicates feelings of isolation. A house with no electricity or where the water has been turned off indicates of feelings of helplessness. A house where the pipes are clogged indicates difficulties in expressing feelings and emotions. A house on fire would indicate internal anger. A cold and drafty house would indicate loneliness or the feeling of not being accepted by others.

A small or cramped house indicates that you are uncomfortable in your current life.  A large spacious house means that you feel free and are satisfied emotionally. A messy or cluttered house represents that you have many unresolved issues that need to be dealt with or symbolically cleaned out. To dream you are cleaning means you are working on issues. To dream that you are making a mess tells that you are creating problems for yourself that will need your attention. A clean house indicates you face your problems head on and are well balanced emotionally.

The house in which we live depends on many things, proximity to a job, what we can afford, our likes and dislikes. The idea of a dream house speaks to our ideal state of being. To dream of finding your dream house means that you are happy with yourself and with your life. To dream that you are searching for your dream home means you are trying to build the life you want.

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  1. I dreamed going to my boyfriend ‘house and he was not there and I found his house full of mess things where everywhere in his house and the house very untightdy. The wall was half way from the bottom and he came found me in his house he was very shocked because he never wanted me to come to his house and I went just at his back house I found some notes of money and few coins I took them .I’m worried I don’t know what is the meaning of that dream

    • Maybe deep down you think your boyfriend is insecure and you want him to be open to you but he feels ashamed. He probably has trust issues or self doubts or any other problems that you as a girlfriend have noticed and are worried about because you care about him.

  2. Neeti Maheshwari on

    I have seen a new house but it was not painted.. there were two people me and my mother. And she was saying this house is dump.. this house is no more livable. What it meant.

  3. I had a dream recently of my childhood home, of my bedroom specifically. One minute I’m in the old computer room watching a tornado turn into a firestorm, the next I’m turning around to discover the next door neighbor’s house and my bedroom (on the same side of the neighbor’s home) was engulfed in flame. I remember screaming and being upset, running to my sister’ room (parallel to mine on the same side of our house, just in the back) and discovering that nothing of hers was burning or even damaged. I remember feeling as if I were betrayed and jealous and very hurt. I remember running back to my room, pulling down as many photos from the wall as I could to save them. I never felt the heat or was burned by the fire, and indeed I think I remember turning around in the dream to find the inferno had ended and all that was left were blackened and scorched objects. I can’t remember the exact time when, but I do remember thinking at one point that the clothes didn’t matter, I had more elsewhere, but it was the principle of it all. Whatever that was supposed to mean, Dream!Me. Oh well. Guess who might just go for therapy after all lol.

  4. I had a dream about living in a old house which i n my dream we bought recently ,house was in a very bad condition and suddenly earthquake came and it started falling down but luckily it did not fall and my family and me ,we all were safe nothing happened I always have dreams like i m in a very dangerous situation but in the end nothing happens to me I always save myself and others around me.

  5. I have a recurring dream where we, or rather my husband, sell our house. As soon as we move I totally regret the move and I can’t believe we sold our beautiful home for the new house. The new house is big but it is dark and had no centre. I am desperate as I know we can never afford to buy our old house again.

    • I have this dream all the time too. I dream we sell our house for something that seems like a wonderful opportunity and then I immediately regret and miss our old house. I have been having this dream for about 15 years. We actually moved about 5 years ago and I still have the same dream but now it is about our new house. Moving from the new house and regretting it.

  6. Maryann Chavez on

    I always dream that i walk into an abandoned home I will usually srart looking through the
    stuff left in it like clothes I get excited finding
    clothes for myself, but then the owner comes
    home and catches me in the act then I wake up. I’ve been dreaming that forever.

  7. Three or four times a week I dream that I live in an awful broken down home. It’s always the same theme, a very small, crooked and not maintained home. The dreams have gone from once or twice a month over the past year to several times a week over the last three months. I now dread going to sleep. I would love some insight.

  8. I had a vision of a fairly small house that was on stilts, with a green tarp pulled over top of it. It was raining, but i felt like the house was in a good position to withstand a flooding rain. Im not quite sure what it meant. I just know that Im going through a lot of stressful situations in life right now, with a 2nd kid on the way, and some financial difficulties. I’ve really been leaning on God throughout all of this. Trying to figure out what it means.

  9. For the past 10 years I randomly have this dream “” I am in my childhood home and we had built a new house on land.. but for some strange reason we never move into it we own both houses but stay in the old one instead of moving .. I have to beg my parents to move into a house we already own. “”

    Now we actually really did build and we actually moved although the house in the dream isn’t the exact same it is on a farm and we left the old house behind, I had this dream before, living there, and even now being in my own house

    What could this mean

  10. Ofelia Gutierrez on

    I dream that I was at my brother’s house painting a room when I saw my brother and his 2nd wife who I dont care for and my two nieces, they were very elegant dressed up like if they were going to a wedding or dance of some sort, I then see them in this roon that was filthy with a lot of kids (they dont have small children) but the carpet was so nasty and food, bottles cans and dirty plates every where. I wander what it meant. I dont speak to my brothers wife and I dont have a relationship with his daughters either. I wonder what it meant?

  11. Last night i saw in dream that my lover and my brother and i also going to any place but rain starts and we take shelter to a the house roof was leaking and there were many people living in that house .they told to cheak rooms of upper floor .when i and my lover cheaked than only one room was there which was not wet and than we decided to tell that we both will sleep in the upper floor as to spend time together.and told my brother to sleep in ground floor only.the ceiling of that house was leaking .

  12. Over the past 30 years I have a dream about this big mansion with lots of bedrooms and secret passages leading to more living space. The house is leaking and the walls are falling down and is in real disrepair. This last time, I had rented this house to a family with three small children and I was babysitting for them. They didn’t seem to mind that the house was leaking or that one of their children might fall from the second story thru one of the walls that was falling down. This last dream had my friend helping me repair the house but it was falling down so fast that it seemed impossible.

  13. I had a dream where I was in my house where I felt it was a two story but it was a one story. Anyways I am walking to each room, and I seen my room, my younger sister’s room and my parents room plus living room but no one was there and every room was dark like the way you get eliminated from a game. I was all alone. Next you know I am walking to the bathroom and next thing you know, I pooped on myself, and feces was on the floor and had some on the towels. It was just gross and weird.

  14. Olivia wright on

    I had a dream I walked into my house, but in my dream it wasn’t my house and a woman I know lived in there, I walked around looking but I don’t remember anything apart from a heart shaped wall decoration in my bathroom (in My house I have 3 in My kitchen but in my dream there was only 1) I don’t remember anything else from my dream just that somehow I know this woman lived here and not me and the heart shaped wall decor in the bathroom.. can anyone tell me what this means?????

  15. I saw dream that I am with few group of people, some from my office and we are running away from something and moving from one house to another, All houses are abandoned and unattended with dust grasses , but we got blanket and things to eat there. We are being traced by someone but don’t know whom we are really fearing, saw some police, we doubted might be they can harm me so tried to hide and some some corner of house and few of us ran from back side of house. I don’t know why such dream came, want to understand.

  16. I’ve had several dreams of a house falling on me I always get out but seems to be same house but very different situations

  17. I dreamed my neighbor what is getting a brand new roof on her house, that already has a roof in good condition. I was asking her if she was having problems with it or if there were any leaks and she said “no” and I was trying to find the new home owners manual to find a warranty . I was trying to either talk her out of getting it or if so perhaps it is still under warranty. No idea what that meant.

  18. Over 6 years I’ve undergone a lot of trauma physically and then my first wife divorced me while I was recovering from a brain tumor and used the opportunity to take me to the cleaners. I remarried later and she became addicted to oxy and left with a luxury sedan and the rest of my money. I. I.e. have a dream I am trying to clean up my childhood home and family keep showing up and messing it up more. The dream literally involves excrement–yes, overflowing toilets, excrement in sinks, floors, hallways, etc. Theres not enough rags or clean water, no mops, just family showing up telling me what to do while they flush a toilet or whatever that I’ve told them not to touch. I live alone now, haven’t seen my kids in 3 years for no good legal reason and my life is crap. So I guess my dream is a literal one embodying exactly what’s referred to above about messy, enclosed spaces, poverty line scenario, etc.

    • I hope you’re getting better, fighting can get tyring and 6 years is no short run. Out of the many things that came out wrong this you can control: YOUR relationship with your children, so do, let go of everything that drives you the other way around. Time flies quickly and this life is brief. And this time you don’t get to choose because this is not only on you, it’s on them, and you are stealing away their rights to a parent. GO NOW, enjoy your children! I don’t have any so really enjoy them the double, enjoy them for me, enjoy them for you:)

  19. I have a dream about once or twice a year that my husband has sold our home (which we love and have been in for many years) and bought a new one. The new one seems great at first, but then I start noticing major issues. Once, the house was completely off the foundation by a foot. The most recent was a white house that we downsized to that seemed great until I was cleaning outside and noticed the roof had moss, leaves with mini trees growing in the gutters, and a small tree growing out of the chimney! It was in need of a lot of care. I begin to freak out in my dream and want my old house back, which is way better. The dreams always end with this feeling of high anxiety of losing my old home. I wake up almost hyperventilating.
    What does this mean?

    • I have a similar dream all the time too. I dream we sell our house for something that seems like a wonderful opportunity and then I immediately regret and miss our old house. I have been having this dream for about 15 years. We actually moved about 5 years ago and I still have the same dream but now it is about our new house. Moving from the new house and regretting it. It happens so often and I wish I knew what it means.

  20. I dreamt I was inside a room that looked old and uncared for. I looked up at the wooden ceiling that looked wet but did not have water dripping from it, and there was a huge hole to which I could see the blue sky and white clouds. I never understood what it meant can someone please help

    • To me , looks like your life at moment is complicated , too many choices decisions perhaps , but , …..if you look carefully is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.
      I am not an expert , but I dream A LOT and tend to interpreted my own dreams successfully .

  21. My most frequent dream varies, but it usually has a big house that I am looking through, going from room to room. It is my house, but new to me and I am thinking about all the rooms and space I can use. Very seldom is it a fancy house, but one room keeps leading to the next. Last night’s dream had 41 places for people to sleep and I hadn’t yet counted the main floor! In real life I live in a small house that I wish had more space, but is fine for our purposes. My house dream usually evolved into finding a bathroom that isn’t disgusting. ( I know this is me telling me to get up and pee!), I also have the similar dreams that take place in a school.

  22. I dreamed I was running through a field and the started to climb a fence with hands reaching towards me. Then I started to get younger and I saw a pretty house with a wide grassy front yard and forest in the back. I went inside and the came back out and a woman picked my up and I looked around and saw a lot of people standing. When I looked up I saw a big tsunami coming toward us and white birds spelling out in the sky THE END OF THE WORLD 4 . I then fell asleep and woke up inside a safe floating through the ocean.

  23. I have one dream for the last 5 or 6 years that occurs maybe once or twice a year. Always the same scenario. I live in a house in the mountains. From my front porch I can see water on the horizon. On each side and behind the house I see mountains. My house is a big ranch or farm of some sort. I have horses, pigs, cows, chicken and sheep. I also own 5 dogs. A golden retriever, ( I used to own 2), 1 German shepherd ( use to own one as I was growing up), I beagle ( I still own one), 1 Irish wolfs hound ( I used to own one and I probably loved her most of all the dogs i owned), 1 Yellow lab, ( never had one, but neighbors and relatives have them, and I like them). The first thing you notice when you come into my house is that it smells of frying bacon, coffee and just plain yummy good cooking. It is a big and bright ,warm and open spacious house, sort of reminds me a little of my own house. It has a big wood fire place and cozy and comfortable furniture. My kitchen is huge, ( might I say, I love to cook and entertain), It is more like two kitchen. One is where I cook and also eat at a huge 60×60″ square table which I can extend to fit easy 12 or more people around, the other is more like a prep and canning and storing kitchen for all those wonderful goodies that i will be cooking or baking. Interesting is also the flooring around the house. It is tiled all through out the house, but it is so robust it almost looks like cobblestone, but with a nicer color. When I have this dream I don’t want to wake up, because it is so wonderful, I hear people, kids laughing, but I really have not seen or identified the people, I just feel it has to be my own kids and family. It is sort of noisy, but in a wonderful way, I love it. I am feeling happy and content, I am in my kitchen cooking or baking something, and I am busy, but so happy. My dogs are all laying around and when I wake up I usually feel a little sad and sigh.

    • Life is but a dream. That house is your happy place, if I’m not mistaken the house represents how you see yourself so even if you don’t have that luxury life you are as wonderful as the house to your own eyes. If that isn’t true then I guess the house is only a representation of happiness for you, a happy place to where your dreams take you, because dreams are sometimes too a way of escaping life, reality, an ease remedy.

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