House Dream Symbol


House – A house is a dream symbol of safety and security. Many people in the modern world do not own their own house, and their house security depends on their ability to pay rent or get along with their landlord. Having a house of their own is a dream for many people, and the dream symbol reflects this ambition.

A house is often a spiritual or emotional symbol of the people living in it, or the people who lived in it before, and the feelings you may have about the house in the dream often reflect your feelings about the inhabitants of that house. Dreaming about a haunted house is a disturbing symbol of memories or spirits unwilling to let go of their past days.

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  1. One night, I dreamt about that was in my family house (I still live there) and someone broke in and wanted to kill me. It was not a person it was a bear. So I ask when the house stands for security and so on why did a bear break in and tried to kill me?

  2. In one night, I dreamed that I stayed at my home and I had a remote in my hand which I thought it was to control the TV, so I pressed the key to the front. To my surprise, my house moved to the front, but I thought it was the earthquake, so that I ran out quickly. After I running out, I found that it was not the earthquake, but my house had four big wheels at the bottom. Therefore, I pressed the remote again, so my house moved really, and it can also follow my instructions for the reason that when I said it turned direction or moved faster or slower, my house can understand and do all command. Then, I was so happy that I ran to my house and did a plan to travel all over the world with my families. On the second day, I control my house to go to travel with my families. In our way to travel, I saw many houses moving in highway surprisingly. In the end, I arrived in France with families by controlled my house.

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