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Hot Air Balloon – Dreaming of a ride in a hot air balloon is a symbol of freedom and excitement. As with all transportation dreams, this indicates something about your experience of working towards your goals and travelling on your personal journey. However, a hot air balloon is an unusual and unconventional mode of travel. You have a great vantage point from your hot air balloon, and can see many different outcomes of your different actions.

The different things that you see from the hot air balloon therefore often represent different possibilities for your life, based on the choices you make now. Each one of those symbols will need to be explored in turn to determine the full meaning of your dream.

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  1. I had a dream that I saw a remax hot air balloon in the sky…the moon was out…it looked like twilight…then the balloon fell & disappeared…what does that mean

  2. I saw a hot air balloon as I was walking to my car. I got inside of my car and the hot air balloon landed on my the roof of my car with three ladies laughing. The balloon started to close or collapse and I hurriedly got out of my car before the balloon suffocated me.

  3. I was in a high floor in a flat and there was a sway of hot air balloons that I could see from the window, some moving peacefully, but one in particular was struggling and this woman was panicking right outside my window but there was nothing I could do to stop her, we were just watching. Finally, as the hot air balloons were approaching the ground suddenly my whole building started swaying – it turned out the balloons were all attached to a string on the top of the building and we were keeping them afloat. What does that mean?

  4. I had a dream that I was holding the rope that would keep the hot air ballon from floating away until everyone was ready. It must have been windy and the rope slipped out of my hands. I was under a type of building thing and the ballon was outside. Almost like I was in a house garage and it was right outside. So the ballon flew off violently and killed a little boy. He looked like he was 6. He was killed and it was so awful to see. I saw everything. Horrified and knowing I would be attacked by the crowd, I ran into the forest to hide. There, I realized I was completely alone in the world and had no one to talk to or confide in. I began to panic more and cry. I had let people down, accidentally killed a little kid, and was alone in a forest full of really tall pine trees. They were so tall I could barely see the sky. People stopped hunting me down because I guess I wasn’t that important.
    Actually, as I’m typing this I kinda feel like I realize what the nightmare meant. Thats a sad thought.

    • Stuart Hollingsead on

      You are important! At times you may not think so. Everyone has those feelings except for the oblivious stupid people in the world. If you have life, you are important.
      I know that it sounds cliché, But Jesus really did die so that you could live.
      Picture it like this. You build a drone yourself and fly it around, but then it crashes and someone else picks it up and takes it home. 5 years later you find the same drone in window of a model store. You go in and purchase the drone that you made, back for 700 dollars.
      The king of the universe came to this earth to purchase you back. The price was his own life. The cost is so high, it is unimaginable. That is how important both you and I are to him.
      Go in peace.

  5. In a dream, I was looking forwards to a hot air balloon ride. I vividly imagined the ride before the balloon operator arrived with the balloon. I had imagined being very close to the ground at first, and then very high up. Then the balloon operator arrived with balloon. The balloon was to be launched from my family’s front yard and as soon as the balloon operator and I get in, I notice some cloudiness and wind coming in. I mention it to the balloon operator and he thinks it’s okay. However, after being a few ten or twelve feet in the air, rain begins pouring heavily, and the operator says, “I think we better leave it for another day.” He then swiftly brings the balloon down using ropes. I was okay with this, in the dream, knowing that the ride had already been paid for and that that day would come.
    I believe Klein’s interpretation from this page helps. Right before going to bed I had spent the day filling out job applications for two different careers and tweaking two different resumes for each of them. Also, I had filled out an applications for a new degree program. It seems to me that indeed the dream was about the “experience of working towards your goals and travelling on your personal journey.” Meanwhile, I can see how the balloon itself refers to how you “can see many different outcomes of your different actions.” The rain and canceling of the trip however I’m not sure. Perhaps the disappointments, doubts and indecisions that occur during the process, and possible need or desire to postpone changes for a later time.

  6. last night i dream od riding in hot air balloon and i throw some stuffed toy on the land while i was in the air what does that mean?

  7. I dreamt of an angel putting me in a hot air balloon. The angel traveled behind me in the hot air balloon. We went above the clouds. The clouds we shaped like turbulent waves. It seemed to be sunrise and the sky was beautiful. However, I didn’t sense any fear. I am normally afraid of heights. We were headed over what I thought was Kentucky. Then the angel said 23 (or 26) minutes to Denmark. I thought to myself, I don’t want to go to Denmark. So we turned back around. I asked what the city/state was below us? The angel said “what do you think it is?” in a very sweet manner. I said home and we started to land in my birth state (Colorado). We landed in a small town near a beautiful RV park. I found it strange that I didn’t think home was where I currently live. I haven’t been to Colorado since I was 5 years old. I have prayed and tried to make sense of it but am having a hard time. Any suggestions?

    • Stuart Hollingsead on

      Dream Interpretation comes from the Lord. Ask him and then study his word. The Interpretation may not come to your mind for many years, but if you keep asking, and keep reading, He will give you the answer if only so that you will stop asking… We are made in his image. So if we feel anger, he can feel anger. If we can cry, he can cry. If we can get impatient, he can get impatient. Keep asking.

  8. I had a dream of riding on a clear Hot air balloon with my children and other members of my family. We had to sit on the edge of the basket (which was inflatable) and we soared to a great height. The view was magnificent going over the countryside, and I wasn’t scared at all, which is very unusual as I am petrified of heights. When it was time to land, we did so over the river Thames. I woke up feeling really happy and refreshed.

  9. I dreamt of someone died by falling from a hot air balloon for the reason of reaching something I am to give. There were two hot a air balloons, I was riding on the other. I don’t actually remember the convo we had but one thing I only remember is that the object was in a plastic bag and I was about to reach to him but then the object fell and he tried to save it by reaching out even further. Unfortunately, the basket came at an angle that was enough to make him fall out from it.

  10. i dreamed of riding in a hot air balloon with my ex boyfriend but and the middle of riding the hot air ballon accedentally cut the rope.. What does it mean

  11. I often dream of being able to fly, or jump from town to town, county to county and country to country. It’s the most amazing feeling. However I dreamed this morning that I had a pocket sized micro hot air balloon. I flying in and around over London, it was Christmas time and the lights were spectacular.

  12. Rob mountford on

    I was tied to a load of helium balloons floating around the city for charity. When I landed someone else had a go but eventually came back to me. Then we had a fantastic party where I played music on a deflated balloon like a kazoo?

  13. I dreamt that i was operating a single seat hot air balloon. I had a controller on each armrest as i felt like i was sitting in a chair. I remember looking around beneath me and then i woke up…i had fallen asleep in my dream while flying my hot air balloon. I was scared at first because i was distoriented and the balloon had gotten very high. I eventually landed, don’t know why as i then found myself struggling to take off again, almost getting hit by 3 large cars/trucks. Then i woke up for reals.

  14. My fiance dreamt of me in a colorful hot air balloon and I was ,um,in an excited state upon our reunion.

  15. Hello, I had a dream that I was in a hot air balloon with two friends from college. We were all crouching because the side walls were very low. I knew that the view was beautiful but feared falling so I stayed away from the edge as much as possible. All I could think about was how high we were and not wanting to fall.

  16. Hi, i was in meditation and this most magnificent hot air balloon was just leaving the ground. The basket was covered in colourful jewels. I have never had seen so glamorous, so wondered if there was any relevance?

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