Hostage Dream Symbol


Hostage – To dream of a hostage, of being held hostage, or of watching a hostage situation, is a scary dream symbol that indicates your feelings about the capacity of humans to do harm to each other. This is not a subject we like to dwell on in our waking lives, and it is certainly not one we enjoy haunting our dreams. You have a deep fear of someone in your life, and you believe that this person would be willing to harm you or someone near you in order to get something he or she wants.

If you dream that you are the one holding a hostage, this is your subconscious telling you the same uncomfortable fact about yourself. You should also look at the factors that are pushing you to become a hostage taker or that are pushing the other person to exert control over another person in this way, in hopes of diffusing the emotional situation in waking life.

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  1. Christopher on

    I had a dream that I had someone locked in my closet and I was keeping them there without telling my mom or family and I was panicking because I didn’t know what to do, id already held them hostage so I couldn’t just let them go or they’d tell someone, so I was thinking I’d just keep them there till they starved and then I could just get rid of the body but then I got scared someone would find evidence and really I was just freaking out because I did something and didn’t see a way out of it. What could this mean?

  2. Every few days I dream that I’m being held captive, usually by an oversized man. I always try to escape. I would get quite a distance away – running away between houses, running on top of roofs, hiding in a shopping center – but he inevitably catches me and has an attitude that says “how could you even think you’d escape, silly girl”. I would try to communicate to other people to help me because I’m not willingly with this person, such as trying to slip a note to my neighbor as I pretend to chat casually with her while he’s holding me captive in my house, or telling my colleagues I’m not with this person when he comes to grab me away at a work retreat, but they (colleagues and neighbor etc) move away and look at me like there is nothing they can do or like they don’t at all know what to do to help me.
    I have an overbearing boss who has other employees but acts as though I’m his only one, despite the fact that I say I’m overworked. I’m also trying to complete my degree part-time and I’m really hard on myself about doing it fast and get upset with myself when I realize I’m not using my time wisely. The dreams perhaps regards both these situations. I want these dreams to stop because I am trying to fix whatever problems its trying to indicate I may have.

  3. I had this dream about a girl I knew 5 years ago she an I were in a car and we started dating in the dream using a navigation app and told her to pullover what we found were probably 10 people eventually they take over my house and the girl is gone but they don’t really care about taking me im like moving around the house and they kinda just decide to live there and then I woke up

  4. I dreamed my estranged sister was being held hostage by her current husband and former partner. Her former partner is long deceased. In the dream me and my mother were also held hostage for a brief period but I managed to get the police. My only interest in the dream was my sisters reaction to being rescued instead of her well being none of these would interest me in reality . I don’t get why I was concerned

    • Maybe you want to see her reaction as you reconnect with her….bring down the barriers and show love for each other again.

  5. Abbigail Long on

    Okay so this dream happened 2 times with the same mans, different houses. They both kept me and my cousin hostage.

    The first dream goes that my cousin and I were running from something. As we were running, we banged on a front to a house. An elderly man was facing us at the door. We asked if we could come in. Giving us both a dirty smile, he said sure. So he let us in to his house. He and his old mate was there. Keep in mind, he had so many locks on his door, and his windows were boarded up for some reason? Anyways, we sat and talked for a bit. I was scared and my cousin was just talking to them as if she knew them. We decided to say we wanted to go home, the old man’s mate asked if we wanted to say for a big in a slight sinister voice. We said we had to go home, then we refused to stay, as our parents maybe looking for us. The old man who let us in, was looking at us with the scariest murderous look, but then said this way; As if he was leading us out, he lead us to a back door and stood there, he then replied in a tone that sent chills down my spine in real life “You’re not going anywhere” My cousin bolted for a room window, me being frozen in my tracks just stood there, looking at this old man. THINKING! How rude can he be to not let us out. As he went to reach for me, I grabbed the handle to a free standing pantry and pulled it on top of him his friend was standing their in the lounge as if nothing happened, I only awoke to the sound of foot steps behind me, only for it to be my little brother awaking me from this horrid dream.

    The second one goes like this. We supposedly met this old man on Omegle. Not knowing who he was, we entered his house for some unknown reason. We sat down and his mate was there again, same place, same things on the windows. We were passing through with some food, anyways. As doing so the dream is quiet simply from here, kind of simple to the first one, as we asked to go home. But the elders friend as if we wanted to stay, we gently replied with a no. He then asked if he could walk us out. And being the ladies we were, we respected this elderly man, and said no you rest now. Walking towards the door and exiting out, I find that it’s my current house i’m living at now in South Australia and we were exiting ourselves to the back. My cousin being the stooge she was, decided to pull out something to eat, eating it she started to choke on it, running back into the old mans house choking and gagging, we heard sinister laughs coming within the house. She entered the house and I couldn’t see her, realizing was it was. It was piss and animal guts, with that I stood in darkness behind a small tool shed. As I felt my chest sink deeper than the oceans, my breath started to shallow. I saw those two disgusting bastards laughing at my cousin, trying to find me. Now this back yard one one side has a meter fence okay. The other, is just about 5 feet tall and enough to jump over. So as im standing there debating on what I should do, I see the silvering moon light giving me pathway to the escape. I ran as fast as I could, hearing the man shout “Get her” frightened me down to my core, even though I had soo much boost, running I fell stomach first into the fence. I heard the gravel scatter between their feet, and as they turned the corner, I saw the dim reflection of the flash night on the fence to only wake up in sweat and fear.

  6. I had a dream that I was being held in a hut by my mother’s friend.He had me and other girls stuck in a shed.My godmom came and so did 911.This man I have never met him,after I told my mom about this man also it was her coworker that was involved.She stopped being their friends.Thats all I remember.

  7. I don’t want to type my whole dream put but it’s a recurring dream but each time I have this dream it’s like a new chapter is added. Please if you know anything about dreams please tell me id like to know what it means and how I could stop myself from dreaming it
    Thank you

  8. I dreamt of an awful country man kidnapping a women and keeping her. He would take her body organs and sell them. He wouldn’t let her go. She kept trying to escape but never did. It was horrifying. I woke up a bit freaked out and extremely anxious.
    What does this mean.

  9. No one in my dream was familiar to me in real life.

    I dreamed that I was in a military operation with a team of about 5 people or more. I don’t remember what we were doing exactly. The setting was in some sort of old factory where highly valued government paid scientists were expected to arrive. We managed to make progress, avoiding alerting the larger portion of the hostile forces, but our team was caught. I think the hostiles were Russian. I’m not sure. We somehow managed to keep our captivity unbeknownst to the rest of the hostile forces. We were asked to strip ourselves of our equipment by a couple of guards while we were standing in a line-formation of two elements. The weird thing is they trusted we were being truthful, and never put their hands on us to make sure we were unarmed.

    We sat down. I felt trapped, but I had a plan. I had a couple of rifles in my left pocket (don’t ask how that makes sense, it was a dream). I planned to keep them hidden until the guards had their backs turned, then I would pull one out and attempt to kill the guards.

    So we’re told to stand up, and as I get up, the rifles fall out of my pocket. The guards stare at me in disapproval. That’s when I started to feel vulnerable. My plan had failed and now I’m being watched closely.

    I don’t remember a portion of the dream except that a few scientists arrived, one got shot by I don’t know who, and one of the guards was dead while the other (a female) was hiding under a pickup truck nearby. It was night time. I don’t know what happened to the rest of my team. I had armed myself with the dead guard’s sub-machine gun and proceeded to search for the second guard. I had maneuvered around to the back of the truck. I got down and saw the guard in prone position, facing the front of the truck. I opened fire, making sure to hit the spine and the head.

    The dream was over.

    This has some elements that has to do with a military program I’m involved in. Not that it has to do with armed training, but more of the trust that is involved between subordinates and commanders and the ability to constantly solve problems, and maybe a recent personal incident that happened yesterday between myself and a fellow member of a program.

    Weird. I like the ROTC.

  10. I just woke up from a terrifying dream of being held hostage. It included my dog, parents, and a friend. The first scene took place at an country field that I use to live close to. Okay, so I was running through the field, and a man out of no where just captured me, I forgot what happened after that, but I wake up and I’m in Mexico with my dog ( I am mixed with Mexican, so maybe that’s why it chose Mexico ). The captivtor was very idk, he found me out to be one of his favorites, so he made sure to spend the most time with me. One day, the captivator left with a bunch of his workers, so I was left by myself in the house, along with my dog and 10 other workers. These workers were kinda soft, so they broke the rules a little bit. I think one of the workers knew that I was trying to escape, so he knocked on something and told everyone it come from upstairs, so everyone went upstairs. I cant remember if i was tied up, but I imagine not because It was so easy to run out the door. Well once they go upstairs my dad comes into the house, out of nowhere nd we talk. I sit him down and explain to him what’s going on, nd that we need to get out of here nd leave cause I don’t want to stay there. My dad tried to say no because it was risky for him since the old field i got captured in was an hour away from our new place. But eventually I convinced him to, so we started heading home, and that’s all I remember. But the dream felt so real. And sorry if it was a little confusing, I tried to put in as much detail as i can remember.

  11. Technically my dream was just a hostage situation with me and a group of people in a public place like a fast food restaurant or maybe some diner. It was a place with booths and tables, linoleum floors, windows showing the parking lot on the western side of the building. I could tell it was west because it was late afternoon like around 3:30-4 pm because the sunlight outside appeared to be like it was late afternoon. Some guy in his late 40s or early 50s, with messy, wavy, golden or sun-kissed hair, a bit scruffy looking as if he hadn’t shaved in over a week, dirty and/or wrinkled clothes (red and whit checkered buttoned shirt with a collar and blue jeans), about 5’7″-5’9″ in height, average build, and seemed a bit distraught like he didn’t want to do it, but had no idea what else to do. He seemed to feel like he had no other options left. I kind of sympathized with him. When he walked in the building I knew right away that he had a gun and would try to hold us hostage. I couldn’t tell for sure, but I had a strong feeling he was trouble. Next to one booth I was at, he leaned against the table with one hand on his head or his face like over his eyes and forehead as if he was trying to talk himself out of it or ask for forgiveness in advanced. Then he pulled out his gun. I wasn’t that surprised when he finally held us hostage. Luckily there was very little panic, some for sure, but everyone cooperated with the guy shouting for them to get down near the wall. Since I was near the booth and table, I ducked behind and managed to text the cops the situation, but even though I didn’t have time for the address, I wrote, “hostage situation” and the name of the place where we were. I sent it before he saw me with my phone since he was busy forcing people to get near the wall. I too gathered with the others as we sat on the floor in a circle or arc shape. I sat next to an old female friend of mine who was there as well, just to keep her calm. The rest of the scene advanced quickly after that. The police were suddenly outside, one person was already shot, but not dead, and shortly after we were all outside. The sky was more twilight hours, so I figured it was around 6:30-7:30 pm. My dream continued and changed themes after that. Not sure what happened to the guy holding us hostage. I never saw him or was made aware of him after Insat next to my old female friend.
    I just have no idea why I would have a dream like that, let alone what it means, whether it’s important or not. I heard dreams we remember after waking share a message or have some importance to help or warn us in our waking life. The stuff listed about this dream scenario on this page didn’t help solve the mystery of my subconscious. I think mine has some different meaning altogether.
    Anyone have any thoughts? So you know, I’ve never been in a hostage situation in real life. This is also not the first dream I have had like this, but those ones were many years ago. They were all different situations and places and people with different outcomes. I was never taking hostage of others in any of those dreams. The last one I had was July 26, 2014. However it happened to my true love, whom I have still not met in reality. I didn’t know it was officially her till after I took action to free us all. Holding her was so vivid. However after knowing it was her, her touch gradually faded till I woke up and opened my eyes. I could still feel her presence for about 30 seconds after waking. Too bad that was only a dream.

  12. I dreamt that my mom is being held in a hostage by very small magical people that I don’t know, and they made me almost impossible quests in order to set my mom free. They even took my voice to make it harder, so I cannot contact someone, then I saw my mom in a small cage. I did some, but the time is over and when they are about to make my mom vanish, I woke up. I think that I dreamt this because I am always bossy and I always don’t follow my mom’s orders, and that was the one that I was thinking before going to sleep. I said sorry to my mom after the dream. My mom is really patient at me, but if I took it to the next level, she starts spanking me (even though I’m turning 11). Anyway, at least I learned my lesson.

  13. In my dream, I was back in high school and sitting in with my classmates. For some reason, we were all in a night meeting and sitting on desks. Suddenly everyone starts ducking down and after a while, the lights begin to flicker as everyone is hiding under a desk. I felt a small panic inside my chest because I had some inkling that someone was killing people in the school. Someone came in and checked to see if we were all right then quietly left. I then proceeded to jump out of a window because I felt the killer coming closer and I ran back into a tall house. I don’t know how I got in, but I hid in a closet and tucked myself in a laundry basket, attempting to cover myself up with various blankets and sheets. However, I wasn’t fast enough and the killer had miraculously found me and laughed as he pulled me from my hiding place. He had a silver gun and said something to me, but I shook him off and ran out into a different part of the house. Surprisingly, my older sister found me and told me to climb out of the window to the attic in a panic. I followed her out and we scaled the walls to a higher part of the house, but as I climbed, I saw him watching me, chuckling and saying, “Well, this is a pleasant surprise.” He wore the red/orange plaid shirt that he really liked and wore his glasses – immediately I knew it was my ex-boyfriend. (He had emotionally abused me and manipulated me for the last three years of my life. At one point, he also raped me when I was drunk.) I felt fearful bewilderment as I disappeared from his view. He then grabbed be from the top window, somehow beating me upstairs and held a gun to me, telling me he wouldn’t kill me, but he didn’t want anyone else to have me. He had begun to kill everyone I had interacted with besides my family. I was scared, but I did what he told me to do so he wouldn’t kill my family. We “lived” together for a while as I acted as normal as possible and he had a gun with him at all times as well as one of my family members on the other end of it. He smiled and laughed, talking as if everything were completely fine. I was really scared, but my current boyfriend (he’s great and treats me a lot better) got up and went to the bathroom so I woke up. I was relieved to see him and tried to forget my dream.

  14. I had a dream that I was out clubbing and had kissed an ex in a pub, I didn’t want to because I have a bf now but I kind of enjoyed he kiss as I sometimes miss the ex but then the dream changed and I ended up walking through this big room which wasn’t quite a night club but a big fancy pub/bar I made my way to the other side with a friend and then walked around again but this time I saw some people I dislike and they tried beating me to the door but I got there first by running and then when I actually got there the glass door to the posh pub had been closed and there were a bunch of people inside and a few men holding guns and shouting and loads of people running about and the men telling people to “get down”. Then someone a I know in a volunteer job role who looks after students then dives through the glass door smashing it to pieces, obviously to risk his life to maybe save others, the men continue to tell people to get down and even though they weren’t outside I still complied and got on the floor with my arms crossed in front of me, I had a small clutch bag with my phone and some money in and they were asking people to hand over their phones and wallets, most people were compliant and just handed their stuff over in fear of losing their lives, I decided unless they asked me I wouldn’t even get my phone and money out and so I just watched and someone from my old school appeared who I was never really friends with but the man pointed a gun to his head and said “do you know what I didn’t have to do?” And the guy looked clueless and terrified and didn’t say anything in fear and the man continued “I didn’t have to ask you for your phone and wallet” and so then everyone started to get them out apart from myself, I didn’t want to give up my phone as it has sentimental value to it with pictures and messages that I did not want to lose and so I thought about hiding it under some steps and claim that I did not bring a phone with me but then I woke up. Just to add Mostly dreams where something bad happens it involves people who either I dislike or they dislike me so people from school who I dislike and people from my uni who dislike me; don’t know whether that helps ??

  15. I dreamt that my mom had kept me prisoner in my home. She kept me behind the fridge in a dark room and I was able to travel throughout the walls. I would scream but no one would hear me. One day I escaped somehow and she let me stay out but she convinced my family that I had run away and was coming home. So everyone was mad at me and didn’t believe me when I said that i had been trapped in the house. I tried texting the police for help but they thought I was pranking them. So when my coworker came over for a visit I begged her to call the police when she got home. She did. The police arrested my mom but she escaped on her way to jail. I was in court with my coworker trying to convince the jury about what my mom had done to me when my mom showed up and started telling everyone that I’m just overly sensitive and that she had just regularly punished me. The jury believed her until she started feeding them a weird lobster soup she would feed me and everyone refused to eat it. So i won the case and was able to live with my coworker at the end of the dream. What does this mean? I love my mom sooo much but in the dream I outright hated her. In fact in the dream, I srated that she was dead to me. I woke up so disturbed.

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