Horseback Riding Dream Symbol


Horseback Riding – Horseback riding, being a mode of transportation, is a common dream symbol about you feelings about accomplishing important things in your life, traveling on your individual journey, and fulfilling your ambitions. The events that happen while horseback riding give insight into your current stage in your journey.

For instance, a long and exhilarating gallop is a symbol of rapid and effective movement toward your goals. Dreaming about falling off a horse while horseback riding indicates an obstacle preventing you from reaching your goals, or even a fear that you yourself are not strong enough to reach your goals.

horseback riding dreamDreams about riding a horse can also be implications about your sex life. Dreams about riding carelessly on a horse can indicate you are longing for some more excitement in your sex life and are subconsciously looking for a love affair or desiring one. If you fear that you might fall off the horse while you are riding it can mean you are inhibited in your sexual life and are worried about slipping up.

Whenever you are riding something in a dream make sure you try and imagine what that animal or object could represent. What does the horse represent to you? Are you enjoying riding on a horse or do you want to get off?

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  1. I was dreaming about undertaking a vacation or trip on a horse back with another person. After a long and exhausting trip we slept over at a hotel but I almost forgot to give te horse water and food. And I struggled to arrange so for mt horse.

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