Horse Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Horse Dream MeaningHorse Dream Symbol – Horses are symbolic of passion, drive, and desire for personal freedom. These dreams may indicate an underlying motivation that you have that will drive you towards success.

Horse dreams are very common dreams that occur. Research has shown that women are more likely to dream of horses than men. According to Freud, horses represent the sexual drive and power of the dreamer.

Just like dog dreams, horses can indicate powerful urges and ambitions that are difficult to control. If we learn how to harness these ambitions they can help drive us to success and prosperity.

Horses are often positive symbols that represent our ability to stay enthusiastic about the future in front of us.

The horse has been a companion to humans from almost the beginning of known history. He loyally serves humankind in many ways. He can bring feelings of freedom, oppression, pride, happiness, and playful surprise. Horses are fun, hard workers, and contribute to all parts of life through the agility of its mind and body.
When horse visits your dreams, he brings messages of endurance, strength, power, and sexuality.

The horse as a wild creature has to survive in the wild and brings strong energy. You may need to control some of your wild energy or, at least, work it off. Have you been driving yourself and others crazy with your boundless energy? Do you constantly ‘horse around’ to the point of being annoying?

The horse can bring reminders of pride and arrogance. Maybe you are sitting on your ‘high horse’ judging everything around you. This can mean there is something lacking in your life. Who or what do you judge as being inferior to you? What is missing to give you direction instead of frowning on others?

Horse Dream Scenarios

Riding a Horse – If you dream that you are riding a horse it can indicate control over your natural instincts and a strong drive towards your goals in life. You are someone who goes out and tackles your problems head-on, instead of letting them come to you.

Catching a Horse – Catching a horse to ride or harness, indicates you see good improvements in the business community with everyone prospering. When horse eludes you and you cannot catch it, this is a poor omen.

Sick or Dying Horse – Dreaming of a horse that is sick and dying, can indicate you will soon have difficult challenges. When you stand tall and deal with them, they help your personal growth.

Mounting a Horse – Mounting a bareback horse indicates as your challenges ease it makes room for wealth to come your way. Riding bareback with women can mean you are carried away with sexual desires and your prosperity might not be as abundant as it could be. Riding bareback with men brings much abundance as there will be many honest people to help you on your way.

Controlling or Restricting a Horse – If you see a horse that is being constrained and controlled it can indicate a feeling of your true self being repressed. You may want to break free from some of your pressures and try to express yourself to those around you.

Work Horses Pulling – Workhorses pulling plows and carts, or riding the horse, can indicate you are trying to get ahead. To succeed, you need to accept things as they are in your life if it is not possible to change them. There may be challenges along the way. Riding a horse can represent your sexuality or that you are in a position of power. On the other hand, it can mean you have no integrity and seek success using manipulative, underhanded methods. When the horse you are riding is out of control your passions carry you away. Riding a horse up a mountain and you fall, this is a sign of great fortune if you get to the top. It symbolizes the challenges you need to overcome to get there. When both of you get to the top, it indicates untold prosperity. This may not mean money, but a promotion at work or a new job with more responsibilities.

Dead Horse – A dead horse in your dreams can be the death of the strength you once found someone’s friendship or a situation gave you. This may be the end of a relationship, friendship, career, or situation. Have you heard the saying ‘flogging a dead horse’? It may be time to give up on someone or something that is no longer useful for the function or situation intended. When you kill a horse in your dream this may mean you hurt the people close to you through self-centered, selfishness. This is a nudge to take a look at yourself and your motives.

White Horse – White horses in a dream indicate your spiritual awareness but you are down to earth in your outlook. They symbolize prosperity, good luck, and purity. If being chased by a white horse it may be a metaphor for chastity. Do you have trouble dealing with your sexuality and intimacy issues?

Black Horse – Black horses signify something negative awaits you can turn into a positive. They bring dark mysteries of the unknown and wildness to your life. Maybe you are about to make a mistake or take a leap of faith in something unknown. A black horse can also mean death. Not physically. He represents moving forward from the old ways, into a new, exciting phase.

Falling off a Horse – If you fall off of a horse it may suggest that your urges are causing you to stray from the path of success. You may need to reign in control over these inhibitions and focus on getting back on track.

Wild Horses – If you dream about a wild horse it may indicate that you have sexual desires that are controlling your life. You may be letting your natural urges get into the way of your clear thinking. A wild horse may also indicate that you want to break free from the constraints that you put on yourself and let loose your inhibitions.

Horses often represent strong emotions and passionate desires. These are animals that are both beautiful and powerful at the same time. They have endless energy that always wants to be unleashed into the world.

Wild horses galloping through your dreams symbolize a sense of freedom with no commitments or responsibilities. They can also represent your emotions are out of control. It may be time to rein them in.
Dreaming of a racehorse means you should take a risk. Maybe you need to take risks to move forward. Are you stuck in a rut? Alternatively, it can indicate your life is about to take off at super speed and you enjoy your prosperity.

Talking to a Horse – Talking to a horse in your dreams indicates tapping into your inner knowledge. Talking to a blue horse means there is sadness coming. Who needs help? Is it you? Maybe you do not know how to help. Talking to a black horse indicates your subconscious is trying to awaken you. Listen to your intuition.

Horse Betting – If you dream that you are betting on a horse it can indicate that you have a strong belief that the risk you take in life will succeed in the long run. If you fail your bet it may indicate that you need to re-evaluate those assumptions that you have.

When Horse crosses your path

Horse crosses your path to help you stay on the right track. He shows you how to overcome any daily obstacles. He will walk loyally with you to show you the way.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Does the horse represent your spirit animal trying to send you a hidden message?
  • What scenario did you encounter with a horse?
  • Was the horse being controlled or was it free to run wild in your dream?
  • Is there any aspect of the horse that you see reflected inside of you?
  • Do you have any ambitions that you feel are being controlled?

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  1. I had a dream of a long haired border collie riding upon the head of a solid brown horse down the side of a paved downtown street. The horse began to collapse and the dog jumped off the horse. I could see the horse’s tongue was sticking out. As I was running towards it to try to help it, I saw that someone nearby was washing down a slab of concrete that had been painted white. I screamed to that person about how the collapsed horse needed water in an effort to get the hose from them. The dream was then interrupted, since my husband woke me up from the dream. He woke me because I was yelling out loud in my sleep.

  2. I had a dream of fire falling in the sky in the middle of the sea and when it is near the bay the fire became a horse, a flaming horse.

  3. I had a dream i was in my yard on the right side of my house, and that i had a white horse and it lowerd itself to the ground and let me get on its back. after i got on its back it stood up and start galloping off. a dog started chasing and snarling and trying to bite the horse as we started to pick up speed but the horse kicked the dog and sent it flying off somewhere else. i felt safe and secure and knew the horse was protecting me and after it kicked the dog away the horse started to run very fast and i felt really free and happy and strong. and then i woke up because my dogs were barking outside my bedroom window where i was sleeping.

    • I saw a dream where a white horse is dead and few workers are trying to make his body as a idol . Can anyone suggest me what it means?

  4. I had a dream in which I was on bed with trousers but had no shirt on ,in front of a house which is close to a road that divides the house and the market on the opposite. On the bed I struggled with a guy who wants to set the house in which I’m in on fire,so that I will be accused and arrested if the house get burnt . I struggled to take the lighter from him but I couldn’t, then I lady friend came with a white house ,I jumped onto the horse and asked her to ride at a top speed to prevent my accusation.This lady with the horse was dressed like a royal in a blue garment, black trousers and white horse boots. The house seem not to running at the speed I expect,she stopped the horse to let someone on the way fix something for the horse in order to run at a top speed,in that process she seemed stressed.

  5. I had a dream there was loads of stray horses running around la chasing people like a stampede and I was running from 3 really strange but so very vivid

  6. Jina peters on

    My dream was of very tall trees but one tree that appeared in the shape of 2 llght grey horses with its mane blowing in the wind

    • I had a dream about falling off my horse, from bucking, but from falling off I got back up like nothing happen. Like if I was stronger and as I was on my horse felt more fearless then before. It was wired. Does anyone know what could mean?

  7. I dreamed I killed two horses, one white and one black. The feeling wasn’t murder but that I had to put both of them down, also my ex girlfriend was in the dream, she was watching me … she was kinda greyed out … I have no idea what my dream is trying to tell me. Can you help me understand a little here ???

    • My sister had a dream like this that included her ex. She hadn’t seen him in over a decade, then did a search on him after the dream and found his obituary online. I hope this is not the case for you, but I intuitively feel when we dream of those we know who are grayed out, or merely observe if with no communication, they have passed on. Or, perhaps, WE should move on from having the in our lives? I have only just started opening up spiritually, so please know this is just my take. Be well.

  8. I’ve had a few dreams throughout my life from when I was a kid I remember having 3 dreams and maybe 2-3 in my early 20s my dreams have always kinda been the same thing of me trying to get onto a brown horse but not being able to sit on it and falling off or even weirder is that sometimes I would try and sit on it and I would spin off but would be stuck under the horse but my legs would be around it like I was still riding it

  9. I had a dream about people riding white horses wanting to kill me and my mom, the ended up stabbing her to death. As they were coming for me, my late father appeared and saved me and assured me that nothing will happen.

  10. I had a dream where a group of people were going to dinner. There was a red truck and a white truck. The horse was going to go with us to dinner. I stated that the horse had to go in the white truck. We all got to our destination, but we had to wait a long time, I stated I could not wait any longer as I had to get to work. At that point I woke up.

  11. I had a dream like a very tiny pregnant horse was jumping on my bed after escaping from a cage and what I I did in that dream is I pushed it by mistake and it fell down on the ground and it died but after it died the baby horse was trying to come out of the dead mother horses stomach and i saw two other animals trying to help that baby horse to come out of that womb

  12. Last night I dreamt I was on a very high horse, my husband too was on a very high horse behind me, he asked me to “move” I was in front, I started controlling my horse to move forward and it began moving fast, we were on an untarred road. As we were about bursting into a tarred road knowing the horse will even move faster I started panicking tried controlling the horse to change course but it didn’t I was having the horse so hard so it could understand I wanted it not to burst into a car road but it seemed that was all it wanted to do. The horse had no saddle I was on a bare back and kept on using my hand to grab the back hard, then it turned around and bite my hand I screamed so loud even into my waking life but before I woke up the horse changed direction to another part . It didn’t turn back and it didn’t enter into the town car road, it just took another untarred road then I woke up.

  13. I had a dream of 4 black horses that charged out of a building that had been on fire for years and was the place of many children’s death. The horses attacked me and were trying to kill me

  14. Joey Casados on

    I had a dream, a tornado was hitting and it turned into a big black horse and it started to destroy the city. Then it turned and looked at my wife and told her she was gonna die, then I grabbed her and tried to protect her then the horse disappeared!

  15. I had a dream of black horses running around uncontrollably outside my sisters house then one of them made they way in it was running through her house at this point when it went to the back of the house I didn’t see it anymore.

    • I had a dream a black huge pretty horse came into a home ( which in the dream was mine ) not my waking life home, it was a mansion grand home , huge ceilings I remember,huge entrance , it was a grand home. I got scared & surprised as to how the horse had gotten in & where it came from, it just stood there , in da middle of the hallway of the home , I admired and patted the horse , so did a friend & her daughter , i got scared again releasing the horse shouldn’t be there , and it raised its front legs up n I stepped back, it wrapped its two front legs around my friend’s daughter , like it was hugging her , the little gal seemed happy , he mother was stroking the horse too. And I woke up. I have no idea what the dream meant, but the picture of horse & how huge & beautiful it was is embedded in my head,I really felt the horses presence even still

  16. In my dream my son brinhs a white hoarse in room.i was sleeping so i told him to keep it out.
    What does it mean.

  17. Jacqueline Dube on

    I had a dream about a black powerful friesian. It was obviously there for me. It was running in and out of other people who were unaware it was there. It’s scared me so I hid in a garden. The horse went into the next garden and ran around looking frustrated. It was neighing. I was holding my little dog who is my life and we are very close but it wasn’t the dog the horse wanted, it was me. I am going to Spain at the end of this month for 11 days to stay with a male friend. I am not attracted to him but he has told me I am to him. Could this dream be warning me of something if I go.

    • In my dream I was several normal dark brown horses but to my left there’s was a giant dark horse that leaps over and turns into fire

  18. Rejean Pearl on

    I had a dream of riding a white horse but it’s walking slowly I had a hard time controlling it to run. I badly wanted it to run coz’ someone is catching me, but the horse is just so calm, it just walks slowly. What would that mean?? Thanks .

  19. Pauline Tiang on

    I have a dream of seeing many horses in rhe open fiend with black, white nd brown colours. Some were playing with each other, some were running about and some were just mingling around and eating some grass.

    • This reminds me somewhat of my dream. I was in the snow near a lake and many of the horses swam up to me.

  20. I had a dream of many horses. The first few looked like work horses or ponies. They were in a field but a thin wire fencing kept them corralled. Then racing horses came galloping up to the fence to join the others. I saw a large chestnut brown horse with its mane flying in the breeze. The other horses were different colours.

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