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Hornet Dream Symbol – Dreaming of hornets is about an ongoing problem or threat from someone or a situation. It may be that you want to stand up for yourself but are afraid someone will take vengeance against you if you speak up. You may have concerns the whole situation will end up out of control if you stand up for your beliefs or for others affected by wrongdoings.

Hornets also represent being hurt by others’ thoughtless words and misguided perceptions. Is this happening to you? Do you feel someone is picking on you? You may be overly critical of yourself and your achievements. Maybe you are being too hard on yourself and need to cut yourself a little slack.

Being stung by a hornet indicates revenge and anger. You may be angry at something or someone. You my even want to wreak revenge on those who deliberately set out to hurt you. Are you jealous of something or someone? Do you feel hard done by? There may be jealousy around you from others. There are troublemakers in your circle of friends, and maybe also in your family. You need to weed them out to protect yourself.

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  1. I dreamt that my brother and i were driving along this area that doesn’t exist, yet in dream I’ve been there a few times before, and we were arguing where to go for a hike. He ended up taking us to this lot where a massive building was being worked on by hundreds of people, as we were in the parking area him and i continued arguing about how I knew where to go and he didn’t. I believe he could’ve been stopping to ask for directions even though I knew where we were. When the arguing peaked a hornet swarmed my head, I mustered up strength to pull it out from inside the collar of my shirt. When I threw it on the ground it was mangled. The arguing revved back up and my head was swarmed by tens of hornets. My brother sat idly by, not doing a thing to help. I remember he said something along the lines of “I’ll tell you where they are, but I won’t help shew them”. I was not stung. The description above for the website makes total sense, my brother gives me no validity in instances like directions, facts about subjects I’m interested in, overall knowledge.

  2. aron benner on

    i woke scared at the sight of a large wasp or hornet
    it didnt do anything just scared the heebeegeebeegies out of me

  3. I had a dream that a swarm of hornets were trying hard to bust into my room through a window. I proceeded to attack them with a super-soaker until they eventually did.

    After managing to trap them in my brother’s room and bug-bombing them, they were still alive and just as angry.

    My sister’s resolved my Hornet problem with some kind of (nonexistent) vacuum cleaner/chainsaw mechanism. Boy was I happy when I saw Hornet bits shoot out from under the door.

  4. Angela Gonzalez on

    I dreamt of a hummingbird that was trapped on a hornets nest because he wanted the honey from it and me and my sister ran to help him, they started to attack me, my sister wasn’t doing much but she was there, one hornet sting my hand and it didn’t hurt that bad so I took the sting out and keep helping the hummingbird, then he was free but 5 minutes later it was stuck again but this time she was flying with part of the nest on his legs and the hornets were there so I took it off and start stepping on the hornets on the floor, I kill them all and the hummingbird was free than my grandma saw what we did and she was angry because she wanted the hornets to be there in te house because there were people wanted to get into the house from the window where it was the nest but I explain about the hummingbird bird and she understood because she really loves those birds, in the dream the hummingbird was talking to me but I don’t remember what he said and I remember a baby boy on the dream after all of that.

  5. I had this dream that two hornets were trying to sting each other while on the back of my neck. One was much larger than the other. In real life, I would flip out if a hornet was even near me, but in the dream I didn’t move. I just stayed very still to avoid getting stung accidentally and hoped it’d be over soon. For some reason though, I wanted the smaller hornet to win.

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